Donald Trump happily tweeted the endorsement he received by the National Border Patrol Council on Memorial Day 2016. Never mind that the endorsement was extremely controversial from within the rank-and-file of the agents that makeup the membership of the union. Many of the agents have expressed their displeasure at their leadership for making the endorsement. Never mind that only 11 individuals voted for the entire union comprised of over 16,500 agents. That is right, according to a May 12, 2016 Los Angeles Times newspaper article, only eleven individuals made the choice for the union without asking the membership what they thought. None of that matters in political caricature that is Donald Trump.

trump-bp-may2016-twtrUnfortunately for Donald Trump, his gleeful proclamations about the border enforcement agency union’s endorsement is that it proves how little understanding he has about the issues of immigration. As I have written previously, the underlining issue is that the immigration system is broken. It is so broken that the eleven individuals that voted to endorse Donald Trump went not only against their membership but even against their own stated longstanding positon on walls and fences along the border.

That is right, the union that endorsed Donald Trump, because of his wall rhetoric, fully agrees and understands that a wall will not solve the underlying problem. Talk about political rhetoric.

trump-bp-may2016-scrn1Look carefully at the screen capture above. It comes directly from the union’s website. I took a screen shot of it on May 31, 2016. You can clearly see that the union believes building a wall is “wasting taxpayer money.” The union even tells you that building a wall will only be a “speed bump” towards solving the immigration issue. In other words, a border wall will not solve the problem of immigration even though Donald Trump gleefully proclaims that it is “very necessary!” (it is his explanation point)

Unfortunately, the problem runs deeper than that. Forget that the union contradicts itself by endorsing Donald Trump and look at how the agency represents that values of the law abiding US citizens.

trump-bp-may2016-scrn2The National Border Patrol Council clearly understands that it has a corruption problem within its ranks. It says so right on their website because they cannot hide the fact that many of its own agents are involved in drug running and immigrant smuggling. Here is a quick list of just a few cases in order to bring you up to speed.

In August of 2012, former Border Patrol Agent Abel Canales pleaded guilty to taking bribes in exchange for allowing contraband through. In August of 2014, former Border Patrol Agent Raimundo Borjas pleaded guilty to money laundering.

In November of 2014, former Border Patrol Agent Roberto Cantu Rodriguez pleaded guilty to harboring undocumented immigrants. In November of 2015, former Border Patrol Agent Adam S. Garibay pleaded guilty to murder for killing a man that was romantically involved with his wife. Also, in November of the same year, former Border Patrol Agent Luis Lozada pleaded guilty and was jailed on three counts of sexual assault and three counts of sexual performance on a child. Lozada had an affair with a 15-year old girl.

On May 14, 2015, former Border Patrol Agent Armando Gonzalez pleaded guilty for secretly placing a camera in a women’s restroom at the border patrol station he was working from. Yup, he admitted to video taping his fellow female agents while they were in the bathroom.

On November 18, 2015, Border Patrol Agent Juan Pimental was arrested after 110 pounds of cocaine were found in a rental car he was driving. Last month, border patrol agent Daniel Polanco was indicted for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance. The case involves 15 individuals that have been charged with drug trafficking charges.

In late 2015, former Border Patrol Agent, Joel Luna was arrested in a case involving the beheading of an Honduran national in Edinburg, near Brownsville. Luna was found with $90,000, over a kilo of cocaine and with two birth certificates in his name, one making him a US citizen and another a Mexican citizen. Border patrol agents are required to be US citizens. In court papers, Luna has been tied to a Mexican cartel.

On April of 2016, former Border Patrol Agent Julio Cesar Trujillo pleaded guilty to bribery. Trujillo accepted $3,600 in bribe money to extend the date of a visa and obtain another visa for someone.

You might note that none of the cases I have pointed you to involve any of numerous allegations of civil rights violations that Border Patrol Agents are routinely accused of. I have pointed out to you cases in which it is clear that there are numerous cases of border patrol misconduct and corruption within its ranks.

I have only shared a small number of cases involving corruption and drug trafficking charges against border patrol agents. I also shared with you examples over the last three years so that you can clearly see that this is an engrained problem within the Border Patrol. Just Google “border patrol corruption” and you will see a long list of problems within the border patrol over a long-span of time.

Politicos like Donald Trump gloss over the underlining problems and use imagery and distorted information to get elected. Trump, for his part, has called Mexicans, like me, criminals and rapists. I am neither and many of my fellow immigrants are not either.

trump-bp-may2016Like I have pointed out numerous times before, the whole immigration apparatus is broken, starting from the laws on down to the enforcement of them. The union agrees with me that Donald Trump’s wall will not solve the underlining problem. Yet, Donald Trumps writes that they agree with his wall rhetoric.

More importantly, Donald Trump gleefully proclaims the support of border patrol agents that as evidenced by the list I compiled above includes drug traffickers, rapists and criminals. I wonder if Donald Trump knows this little inconvenient fact.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. The Israelis have used high tech walls to effectively reduce terrorists incursions from Gaza and the West Bank. I saw the walls in 2013 and was told that terror incidents were reduced from over 1000 per year to only a few. They won’t stop rockets but they do stop Palestinians pretty well. Maybe Trump could hire the Israelis because otherwise I agree with you. If there is a way to fuck it up, we’ll find it.

  2. Martin, that’s spin ! He NEVER said that every Mexican was a rapist or criminal. He said that many of the intruders are of that character and that’s who he wants to keep out. He mentioned that Cuba had emptied the jails so to rid itself of the bad elements. He has never said ALL Mexicans are low lives nor has he neglected to state that he knows the intruders are coming from many countries.

    As for corruption that has always been an issue throughout the world, take a good look around this region. Then take a look at Mexico and other countries. The difference is that in most cases the U.S. does prosecute while other countries don’t.

    We need to know who is coming and purpose. Times have changed, it’s no longer people coming for work, it’s people that come to cause harm.

    Will a fence work ? Has it worked on the Mexico/Guatamala border. NO. So why is it still used ? I agree a fence would be very expensive and it would only slow down the flow. There is always a way ! Fences, locks, walls are to stop anyone, they are designed to slow entry enough to facilitate capture. So what’s the solution ? Demand Mexico enforce laws along its northern border with the same vigor it does its southern border. A few will still get across but with enforcement on both sides, we should see a very low number coming to the U.S.

    As for the union, the CBP Union is no different from other unions. Representatives are elected to be the voice of the union. So if there is dissatification from the members, that’s why elections are held. Even worse, the current administration allowed unions to force dues and identification of nonmembers. Wasn’t an uproar do when the AFGE was using union funds to support political candidates that most of the membership did not support ?

    Martin, I believe you have a “green card” so that means you passed a background check and complied with immigration laws. So, don’t say Mexicans like you. Don’t like the man, fine, but let’s concentrate on facts not rumors, spin and mistruths. He comes from a state and an area that has high crime and known organized crime. The mobs are well represented by people of all ethic groups, skin color and nationality. I’m sure he is well aware that Mexicans are not the only bad guys in America.

    I said it before, most of you use racial slurs among friends and family. A couple of years ago one of our Democratic leaders went into a tizzy because a black Democrat was appointed to a state committee. She YELLED racial slurs for everyone to hear. Yet, a lot of El Paso politicians, in office, still hold her in high regard. Hhhhmm, so why do we elect these politicians without question? Isn’t that condoning racism and xenophobia. Yes, I’ve heard many insults about the invasion of the Cubans.

  3. Martin, every name you’ve listed as corrupt (except possibly the guy who killed his cheating wife) appears to be Hispanic. I realize corruption comes in all ethnicities, but I’ve got to admit you aren’t building a very good case relative to why Trump’s comments about Mexico are xenophobic.

  4. Martin and Anita
    Please post your addresses we are coming to live at your house, no need to leave a key we’ll just break in. Please make sure the refrigerator and pantry are will stocked we may get hungry. Also leave your bank card, pin number and car keys we are going to be using them too. Also will be bring some family and friend along and ,well, some are not the most up standing so you may just end up losing a few things along the way. No big deal!
    Oh if you get mad because we are at your place or want to kick us out or call the police you are clearly a bigot and racist.

    1. As usual you understand very little about reality beyond your racist nose. Illegal immigrants come to work not for freebies, moron.

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