ethics-ordaz-jl2On Tuesday, Claudia Ordaz is set to reappoint Jose Landeros to the City Plan Commission. Like I first pointed out to you on August 19, 2014, when Landeros was first appointed to the commission by Ordaz, this latest reappointment is also the continued building up of a political faction being pushed forth the Ray Caballero public policy agenda. For a background on this you can read my original post; “Well That Didn’t Take Long.” Although there are those of you who still believe that there is no Caballero agenda in play, this reappointment should still concern all of you.

When Jose Landeros was first appointed by Ordaz, many did not know Claudia Ordaz well enough to see how her dots connect politically. Jump forward a few years and many of you are now aware of Jose Landeros and how he fits into with Claudia Ordaz.

The Claudia Ordaz Text Messages

You might remember that back in September many of us found out how Claudia Ordaz was being coached by Jose Landeros via text messages. You can refresh your memory by reading “Claudia Ordaz Receives Instructions During City Council Meeting.”

Although some of you may consider it to be insignificant that Jose Landeros was coaching Claudia Ordaz during her attempt to help empower her fiancée, Vince Perez political play for the MPO, there are still ethical questions that should be addressed about her reappointment of Landeros.

As you know, Claudia Ordaz has been complaining that Larry Romero should not be accepting his paychecks from the City because he resigned as a city representative. Ordaz sent a text message to KVIA on Thursday, April 14, 2016 in response to the question of Larry Romero still receiving a taxpayer funded paycheck. In it, Ordaz wrote: “It’s not right he continues to receive a paycheck when the seat for Central El Paso residents has been left vacant.”

She is correct, but also hypocritical.

Claudia Ordaz does not have a problem with taxpayers paying individuals not to do the job they are paid for when it is convenient to her.

Consider the following facts. Jose Landeros is paid by taxpayer funds to work on County business in Vince Perez’ office. On the day that Landeros was coaching Ordaz at the city council meeting, he was receiving a paycheck from the County. Yet, he was not working on County business. It is a fact that Vince Perez has no documents tasking Jose Landeros to attend the city meeting to coach Claudia Ordaz.

In other words, Vince Perez, Jose Landero’s immediate supervisor, has not provided any documents where he asked Jose Landeros to attend the city council meeting. Additionally, it is a fact that Landeros was paid for the time he was at city hall coaching Ordaz on the MPO issue.

How is that ethical? More importantly, why does Claudia Ordaz demand that Larry Romero return his paychecks while tacitly encouraging Jose Landeros to coach her while he is paid with taxpayer funds to be doing County business.

In addition, and in accordance to the resume included in the reappointment request, Jose Landeros is also an adjunct professor at the El Paso Community College while also working at the County for Vince Perez. Two taxpayer funded paychecks and a record of doing other work unrelated to what he is paid to do.

Digest that for a moment.

There are many questions that the taxpayers deserve an answer to in regards to this latest appointment. Yet it is unlikely you will get to ask these important questions because, typically, Claudia Ordaz has posted this reappointment in the consent agenda. Unless a city representative moves it to the regular agenda, it is unlikely anyone will be able to ask the fundamental question:

Is this ethically the right thing to do?

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

9 replies on “The Jose Landeros Tuesday Appointment”

  1. As usual the council will push issue through quickly to avoid any embarrassing questions. That whole pile is hypocritical and untrustworthy. It’s obvious what is happening, can’t get Vince in, take landeros.

    There will be those that will be stupid enough to support her.

    That’s correct, why hasn’t the county investigated as to why he was interfering in city business while on the county’s dime ? Why the perv clowning Niland and repeating everything she says to Vince?

    That picture of the three is great in place of a laxative. They are so disgusting that one can’t help but take a personal dislike.

  2. I was just wondering the same thing. Has an ORR been done to see if Landeros was on vacation or personal leave when he was at the city pulling Ordaz’s strings? If he was not, he should be fired.

    It is not Romero’s fault he is being paid. I think this comes from the voter approved city charter.

    Ordaz is dangerous. Can’t think for herself and she is the original mean girl.

  3. Hypocrisy at its best, I have heard that Abeytia is a veteran is this true? I would like to see his discharge paperwork, I mean was he released in good terms, is he a deserter or was he kicked out of service. In my run ins with him not once has he claimed to be one and from what I see from the veteran community they are proud of their service but I find it odd that a veteran, if he indeed is one always seems to bash on one veterans that run for office. But I digress this is about Claudia not Abeytia or is it the same I’d let you decide.

    Ordaz receives help from an individual that has a warrant for his arrest for refusing to pay his child support in an other state, the same individual exposed a minor to pornographic material, we all know the story behind Abeytia. So how can Claudia claim to advocate for women when she is not a leader or voice for her constituency but a follower.

  4. The city council bimbo strikes again. As for the picture, you can put a neck tie on a pig ( or a perv) but he’s still a pig.

  5. Unfortunately, he is a veteran and has an honorable. Although at times he does embellish his active duty.

    Veterans get sick when he asserts that he was a NCO. If he was, he wasn’t a good one and made the correct choice to leave.

    This guy is so back stabbing and the profanity master of campaigns. He is a manipulator.

    As for Ordaz, either she is very naive or stupid or goes along but she is used by the perv, vincent and others. They should insert a hand in her back and you have an instant puppet. She has no original thoughts and has no qualifications to be in policy decisions.

  6. Martin, you should look into Jesse Gandara. I heard that he gave up his charade of being a church-goer and has been seen out drinking while he’s on probation. I also heard he was a part-time barista at Starbucks now.

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