moneteros_a_profileName: Abraham Moises Monteros
Date of Birth: 04/15/1988 (27)

Education: Senior year at UTEP majoring in Philosophy and French with a minor in Women and Gender studies.
Occupation: Student/Research Assistant

Home address:
2435 McKinley
El Paso, Texas 79930

Length of time in district: 4 years and 8 months

Email address:
Telephone: +1 915 355 0518

Campaign Information:
Treasurer: Jacob Z. Monteros
Campaign address:

Campaign telephone:
Campaign facsimile:
Campaign website:
Campaign social media:

Criminal Charges:
August 29, 2012: Adult misdemeanor, driving while intoxicated. Pre-trial diversion completed on May 9, 2013 (20120C09274)
August 19, 2014: Adult misdemeanor, driving while intoxicated. Convicted on February 13, 2015. Sentenced to 1-year confinement which was suspended. Assessed community service of 80 hours. Fined $500 plus assessed $452.00 in fees. Discharged from probation on February 18, 2016. (20140C09088)

On April 6, 2016: Monteros provided the following comments about his arrests.
Yes, DWI 2012, 2014. Like many service member’s transition from military life to civilian life, my transition back to civilian life in El Paso after 5 years completely overseas was difficult. Upon returning home, I could not find a stable job with my military skills and as a result was living with my mother for a period. On top of that, the Veteran’s Affairs office at that time (2011) had a waiting period of over 3 months for any support services. I was not processed into the VA system until 3 years later because I did not have a “serious” disability and hence was categorized as not urgent. I felt hopeless and abandoned which led me to be irresponsible. But I changed. I enrolled in an alcohol counseling program offered by the VA, and completed a 6-month counseling program that had weekly meetings encouraging me to live another way. I thank my mentor at the VA, Mr. Escalera for helping me through this tumultuous time. Since, I have been clean and responsible. Holding a 3.7 GPA at UTEP, I will graduate Cum Laude this May. Also, since that time I got married and my wife has also changed my life in a more positive way. I thank her everyday for helping me change my ways. I hope to be an example of how people can change their life.”

Abraham Monteros is the only candidate that took the time to submit a write up the blog. Monteros was forthcoming about his DWI’s before I asked him by providing the information to me as well as an explanation. You can read his write up by clicking here.

Candidates Addresses in Relation to Each Other in the District


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3 replies on “Candidate Dossier: Abraham Moises Monteros”

  1. Finally someone that is honest and serious about his campaign. He freely admitted the transgressions, sought treatment and learned from his experience.

    He has revealed the worst in his life, nothing to hide or that can be used against him. He can be a role model for others to emulate. I think we can expect transparency from him. If the El Paso mafia get their hands on him then it’s another story.

    Smart move !!

  2. Didn’t show up a candidate forum because he had class. What happens when Council meets during one of his classes?

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