yisd-ja-htThere is no doubt in my mind that my blog post about Jaime Abeytia’s work for the Ysleta Teachers Association, in support of passing the $430.5 million Ysleta bond, has led to much public discussion about the appropriateness of a criminal working to increase the taxes for the Ysleta taxpayers. In response to my post, I have received many messages about other questionable practices at the teachers’ association, that if true, will explain why Abeytia’s job would be the last thing the taxpayers should worry about. It is going to take me some time to go through the allegations and information provided to me. In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you what two Ysleta officials shared with me in regards to Abeytia’s part in the bond election.

The Ysleta Independent School District (YISD) superintendent, Xavier De La Torre and Ysleta Independent School District Board of Trustee’s President, Shane Haggerty, were kind enough to answer three questions that I posed to them in regards to Jaime Abeytia’s involvement in the bond election. I also sent a request to Noel Candelaria, president of the Texas State Teachers Association, of which the Ysleta Teachers Association is affiliated with. I have not received a response from him as of my deadline to post my article, but if I do receive a response I will be sure to post it in an upcoming article. To be fair, I sent my request to Candelaria late in the afternoon.

The questions I asked were:

1. Whether Jaime Abeytia was employed by the Ysleta School District in addition to the working for the Ysleta Teachers Association. I also asked if he worked for the One Ysleta Bond Political Action Committee or the 2015 Bond Advisory Committee.

2. I also asked each if they had had any conversations/discussion with Jaime Abeytia about the bond election.

3. As my final question I asked if either of them had had a conversation with the Ysleta Teachers Association in regards to Abeytia’s employment with them.

I also asked them to share any comments about the bond that they would want me to share with my readers.

I have decided to reprint their responses in their entirety to give you an opportunity to form your own opinion without my commenting about them. I am posting them verbatim as they were sent to me via email.

Dr. Xavier de la Torre wrote:

1. It is also my understanding that Jaime Abeytia is an employee of the Ysleta Teachers Association;

2. I have not participated in any “One Ysleta” Bond PAC events so I can’t confirm or deny his involvement;

3. I have never had a conversation with Jaime Abeytia about anything;

4. I have made the Ysleta Teachers Association aware that there have been concerns expressed surrounding Abeytia’s role within YTA – Mrs. Valencia has reminded me that she is quite capable of making her own decisions surrounding individuals employed by YTA and has asked that inquiries be directed to her; and,

No, I have not had any in-depth conversation with Mrs. Valencia regarding any of her employees – her employees fall outside my scope of authority.

I hope this brings clarity to the absence of any formal relationship between the YISD and Mr. Abeytia.  This matter is separate, apart, and distant from the work that we are undertaking in the Ysleta Independent School District to provide students with adequate learning spaces.

Board President Shane Haggerty wrote:

1. As far as I know, Mr. Abeytia works part time for the Ysleta Teachers Association.  He’s been with them for a while, but I don’t know when he came onboard. Regarding the Ysleta bond, he was one of the 72 community member volunteers who helped come up with the projects to be included on the bond projects.

a. (re: One Ysleta Bond Political Action Committee) I Don’t know what involvement he has with the PAC, but I don’t know if he has any involvement with them.  I think Richard Castro is head of the PAC? I haven’t worked much at all with them.

b. (re: 2015 Bond Advisory Committee) He was a member of the original committee, I don’t believe the membership for the committee going forward has been solidified yet.

2. Mr. Abeytia have [sic] been very positive.  He has been one of the most dedicated members of the original 73 people from the committee.  He never missed a committee meeting, he came prepared, did his homework, asked tough questions, and advocated hard to get projects for his community.  He spoke up against what he felt were projects that shouldn’t be immediate priorities and spoke for projects he felt were priorities whether they were in his area of town, or not.

Afterwards, he has been walking the area, informing voters on bond details (With YTA) he has often spoke of how he feels De La Torre would approach the public when dealing with the bond, and in short, has been a great help in trying to get the best positive message out to the constituency.

3. My talks with YTA really only revolve around teacher and district employee issues.  We really never talk about employees of YTA, for no other reason than the topic just never comes up.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

23 replies on “YISD Officials Respond to Jaime Abeytia’s Part in the Bond”

  1. Not surprising that El Paso officials would provide the typical answers that’s are uttered when caught. “I don’t know”, “he’s a great guy”, “It’s a policy the public doesn’t understand”.

    Either these people are stupid or share the same fleas. Maybe, they would see nothing wrong when the convicted state judge returns to work for the attorneys assoc. Why stop there give him a position on the Ethics board. They don’t do anything anyway, maybe he can counsel the board and educate the public about ethics. How about we place Tyson on the Boxing Commission. He is a nice and funny guy. What’s the big deal, he only bites !

    If this con is steering their boards they must have some real winners. One of El Paso ‘s biggest liars, manipulators, no conscience. No wonder the schools and teachers have so many problems. How many teachers have been caught having liaisons with students? Didn’t the superintendent do time for steering contracts to his “main squeeze”. Heck, rehire them, no big deal. I’m sure they now have positive attitudes. They can lecture the public about appropriate behavior.

    Oh, let’s not forget the Iron Lady that runs the association. She’s daring anyone to challenge her decisions. Guess she forgot a teachers association reflects on the reputation of the schools. Oh heck it’s only teachers dues that pays her salary. She might be capable of making her own decisions, but we should question the ability to make sound decisions. Remember, she heads the assoc, therefore like some of the other administrators, has the opinion that the rest of us don’t know “get it”.

    Keep that thought next time the Police union and the city have discussions. The union doesn’t have anything to do with the police officers, really ? Damn, what is it in the water that makes these idiots say such stupid things? Or do they really believe in their superiority over the public? Legends in their own mind?

    Oh well, next time the door bell rings, don’t expect “Avon”. Expect “pervert con”. You will hear how honorable it is to vote for higher taxes and its doing your patriotic duty. More money for teachers, more money for the association that has no association with schools. Which means they can review the internet files for perverts in the hood. More policy salesmen! With every vote for the tax, you get a free porn flick.

  2. I truly understand and feel an individual such as this need not be involved but I do understand Union vs. Administration. The YISD TEACHERS UNION should be ashamed of not only hiring this individual but being associated with him. Representing their plight of pay, working conditions and benefits and now know that they knowingly hired this guy tarnished their efforts in my opinion. However, they are a separate entity than The YSLETA INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, which the administration side of union vs. admin two separate entities attempting to do right for our children despite the unions poor hiring practices.

    I personally support the bond and know it will benefit our kids but I also know this is El Paso and anytime there are contracts and work to be done the more hands in the cookie jar the more chances of back door deal.

    Now does YISD have any say in Ysleta Teachers Union, NO, but me being a parent and previous union member, personally if you the union do not address this issue then be prepared to face other unions opposition because these are our children and you represent the vary teachers in the classroom and allowing this individual to be your representative is not worthy of OUR support come pay raise time. My recommendation to you is distance yourselves quickly and efficiently of your poor judgment and bad baggage.

    I still urge people to vote yes on the bond issue, I also urge you teachers to look into who your union stewards have hired to represent you the teachers of our children, if you all police your own you’ll be better represented and no surprises come new contract time.

  3. What is with you Martin? I swear you have a really strange fascination with Jaime and combined with your caricature of him in his bath towel or underwear or whatever it kind of makes me uncomfortable.

    You completely admit that folks have given you information on other questionable practices that make his part-time work for the YTA seem like a total non-issue but yet you double down and write another long post about how terrible it is that they hired him? What’s worse, you and the folks commenting about him are obsessed with character assassination and none of you seems to have anything real or verifiable to say about him. He was caught up in a messy divorce and now has something on his criminal record because of it. Let it go or do some real digging and connect some dots to prove that he’s doing something bad. Don’t just insinuate that he’s a scumbag, dig up some dirt and show us.

    Hell I’m not even saying “prove it in a court of law” I’m just saying “make a compelling argument about why he’s a genuinely bad guy, not a guy who did some stupid things during a divorce” because to be completely honest with you, attacking him like this looks purely personal and stupid. Why even bother calling him “The criminal, Jaime Abeyita”? You’re only damaging your brand because people who like him aren’t going to listen to you and the stuff he was busted for and the context that it happened in just isn’t going to resonate with folks. Everyone else except you and a few others has moved on and continuing to harp on him with no other real allegations of wrong-doing just makes it seem like you’re obsessed with him.

    You’re making him more important than you say he is and it makes me somewhat less trusting of you and your motives because you’re just implying that anything he touches is going to be dirty and contaminated by his criminal cooties and that’s the sort of argument a 5 year old makes. People are more likely to cut him slack because Vince & Claudia still like him and his crimes just aren’t that big of a deal and railing on about YTA hiring him sounds ridiculous.

    (oh and you might want to take some pointers from Nacho when you do your caricatures of people. Several of them are offensive because of the way you exaggerate their physical features. You’re not sticking to the more traditional caricature style and they end up looking like personal jabs and insults, not politically motivated commentary. Plus Jaime’s is just plain creepy and makes me question what’s going on in your head more than anything he might have done)

    1. How about the deadbeat charges in AZ. He’s a piece of crap. Keep going Martin. That guy needs to be shamed out of El Paso.

  4. Time to stop this Martin Jaime was found guilty of a very minor misdemeanor misuse of a computer no much worse than a speeding ticket in a school zone. It’s not about what he was charged with but what he was actually found guilty of. Even a lawyer with no dog in the fight has told you and your posters as much. Time to get real and let it go! It is more than fine to not like his politics but this has got to the point it’s just ignorant. It like those who went coo coo and lost their little bird over Beto O’Rourke minor run in with the law. Or like some Republicans that still try to claim Billy Clinton was impeached after being found not guilty. Hey point out why the bond elections is wrong and why it’s bad but this just looks real shallow and weak at best. Oh for those who claim he is a criminal in Arizona well I’ve heard this crap for years seem none of you been able to do anything about much less report Jaime to get him arrest. It’s clear he isn’t hiding. Oh he was arrest and you idiots do not realize they checked for any non-sense some have claimed and found zero of substance.
    Heaven help you Martin if some one in the blogosphere finds you got a speed ticket they are going to burn you at the steak. ;O)

    1. Don’t you and Not Blind read El Paso News? Don’t you know his history as a criminal and deadbeat? Don’t you care about the abuse of children and women? I guess not. You must be friends of the perv.

      1. sup
        Maybe you need to do some research Billy was found no guilty and was not impeached which would mean he would have been removed from office. Yes Billy was brought up on impeachment charges but they were not proven and he was found not guilt. Just more ignorance here.

      2. The definition of impeachment is to bring formal charges. Formal charges were made but slick Willy beat them. You get an f In civics today.

  5. Anita
    Where is the convictions for what you claim? None. Your talking out your ass. Once again he is not hiding call the authorities, you will not because it’s all bullshit to smear some one you happen to disagree with. Anita if you need help turning Jaime in on what you claim to local authorities let me help you out. Your just one more liar if you do not.
    Sheriff’s Office HQ
    3850 Justice
    El Paso, TX 79938
    (915) 538-2292
    District Attorney
    Jaime Esparza
    Office Hours: Monday – Friday
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    500 E. San Antonio, 2nd Floor
    El Paso County Courthouse
    El Paso, Texas 79901
    Phone: (915) 546-2059
    Fax: (915) 533-5520
    El Paso Police department

  6. Some of you need to learn the difference in being charged with a crime, convicted of a crime and due process.

  7. So let me get this straight, after all the times you’ve trashed this guy he still gets work and the people still sing his praises?

    Sounds like he is pretty good at what he does if that’s the case. Hell I’m pulling for the guy now.

    Or maybe he isnt really some mastermind of things after all and it’s another one of your conspiracy theories. But in your effort to humiliate the guy, you actually build him up. It’s hard to know what we should take seriously when you write.

    But boy you sure talk about him a lot. Is it jealousy? Envy? Love triangle?

  8. I wish Abeytia would leave El Paso. We all know he cannot go to Arizona. The vatos in Cali would see through his fake chicano shit. Las Cruces seem like a good fit. Get the hell out of El Paso please Jaime.

  9. Thomas, you must have selected memory.

    Bill Clinton paid 90,000 dollars for contempt of court, 850,000 dollars and disbarred. Doesn’t sound like he got away.

    Now not too long ago you were on here screaming that was no proof of Abeytiias pervert status. You were showed his quotes where HE admitted showing his daughter porn. There was a list of ten charges from AZ and El Paso, check the blogs. All information was from court records.

    To minimize such an offense crime against is just plaid disingenuous. He made a DEAL to lesser charges. So it was not a bs crime, a deal is an agreement to to admit to some charges in exchange for dropping of others. It’s not absolution of the charges. The only reason Arizona hasn’t bothered is because usually it cost more to extradite and transport than the child support. If he was to be stopped for a traffic violation in AZ, bet he would be there for a while. As for the lawyer, nothing he can say when all comments are based on court records. Notice how quick the lawyer disappeared when he was informed there was another lawyer monitoring the comments and was advised that he was crossing a line. Can’t dispute court records and Times News article. Unless you’re saying the court and newspaper are lying.

    Orourke admitted his guilt and apologized about his youthful indiscretions. Don’t even put him in the same category as that con.

    It appears any obsession is on your part by continuing to lie about the facts.

    Jealously ? I doubt it. Throw his tail in prison and let the word get out about the porn shown to his daughter. No one would envy that status.

    The guy is plain bad news and doesn’t learn. He continues his shenanigans and wears them as a badge of honor. No he should not be involved with any government agency, schools, teachers assoc, children. If he had any shame, he would leave and start over in another city. But apologize to his family, the city and county and the general public. He has no ability to be contrite. An embarrassement.

  10. Have you hugged a Pervert Today
    All impeachment means is the president was charge with a crime which Clinton was found not guilt of. Yep Republicans throw out impeachment trying to make it sound like Clinton was found guilt of crimes by Congress which he wasn’t. You do understand the difference between being charged with a crime and convicted of a crime? Jaime was found guilt of a very minor misdemeanor all the other charge were dropped because they couldn’t be proven in a court of law which is where the rubber meet the road. Also a lawyer came on Martin blog and told you all you were talking out your asses and Jaime should sue all of who posted the BS.
    Police way over charge people to try and make sure some charge sticks, common practice but in Jaime case it was a minor offence but Martin has idiots on here like you claiming he committed heinous crimes which is total garbage.
    You want to complain about children seeing porn it plays ever night openly on your local TV stations, cable and satellite services and if there is a computer in the home is openly available. Where is your outrage?
    Also Jaime has never been elected to office but you demand he acts like he has been elected which total non-sense.
    I have no problem people calling Jaime out on the issues he supports but hell you people sound real stupid trying to claim is has committed crimes that couldn’t even stand up in a court of law and be proven. It not like Jaime is hiding or is hard to find and if the crimes you claim one would think the police would have him in jail and shipping him off to Arizona. The police have had the chance and it did not happen. The show the level of stupidity that goes on here. I post the telephone number to the authorities so avail your self and make the call.
    Hell what you see here is a good example of the level of ignorance in El Paso and why they screw the majority of you over year after year, decade after decade.
    Oh just for the record Jaime is pissed at me right now for calling out this girl County Attorney Bernal for lying to the media and the people and his boy Perez for standing on the side lines and turning a blind eye when he was told of these facts. So I’m no Jaime’s good buddy right now.

  11. You’re definitely his buddy or just plain stupid.

    His admission of the heinous crime means nothing ? Oh brother, come in from the rain. Your lawyer knew that there is no case for a law suit when the comments are taken directly from official court records. He flew the coup when he learned there was another lawyer monitoring his comments.

    You are really stupid, a suspects admission to a crime is not prosecutable ? He copped a plea. Go worship your hero. The local police don’t bother because someone has to pay to escort the con to A Z. El Paso couldn’t care less when AZ doesn’t want to pay or send someone to come get him. Damn you’re stupid.

    As for porn on TV or cable, I don’t watch or read any of it, obviously in your lonely life, you take matters into your hands.

    Go hug your perv. You’re a waste of time. Can’t discussion facts with an idiot like you.

    Will that’s mighty nice of Clinton paying the court $90,00 for contempt. Then $850,000 and disbarment from law practice. I love those types of gifts to the courts.

  12. Have you hugged a Pervert Today
    Your the example of the moron here in not knowing the difference between Congress and a court. Your the waste of good air and good space. No a lawyer did not monitor what was posted by the lawyer that was here, you claimed you had taken it to a lawyer which was bullshit. Here is how stupid you are the police charge Jaime with felonies but your claiming they let him plead out with a little minor piss ant misdemeanor. You to stupid to live.

  13. You are more stupid than last time. My lawyer friend was monitoring the comments from his computer. Oh that’s right your fake legal threats (wink) were supposed to scare everyone.

    People don’t make plea deals with the police, idiot, the DA and the perp’s lawyer make the deal ! And yes, it wouldn’t be the first time, perps would get a deal like his.

    Gosh you’re slow, you really have no idea of what happen to Clinton or to your hero, the con. You’re not even aware of the details of either guys deals. But then, that be facts of which you manipulate to fit your bs.

  14. Debbie you still jumping up and down with your ever change screen names and slander. Geez pulling your chain and you howl. To funny!

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