jr-gunsI am sure not many of you are surprised that Jose Rodriguez is against guns. As you likely know, Jose Rodriguez has recently been on the news media circuit advocating against guns on campuses. I am not going to argue for, or against guns because many, if not all, of the politically active voters have already made up (corrected typo at 14:28E) their minds and I am unlikely to change it.

However, I do have to point out that a gun is nothing more than a tool and like any tool it can be used to kill, or injure someone. I liken a gun to a hammer, which I am sure there are many on campuses all over the world. Both can kill or maim if used improperly.

However, I just want to point out an inconvenient truth.

An empowered citizenry is the last thing corruptors want in their communities. Those against guns cannot argue that the Constitution intended for citizens to be empowered in order to maintain their control over their government. Whether that included armed citizens is being debated ad nausea across the nation.

El Paso is a community with a very weakened citizenry, as evidenced by the lackluster voter participation and the numerous public corruption scandals that never seem to end.

As you think about Jose Rodriguez, it is important to remember that when he was the County Attorney, the county was as corrupt as any county could be. It is when most of the most recent public corruption scandals happened in the building he was working in. As the County Attorney, it was Jose Rodriguez’ job to protect the interests of the County, and by extension, the taxpayers.

Yet, corruption not only flourished but Jose Rodriguez never initiated a successful prosecution of any of the corruption. The federal government had to come in and prosecute two county judges, county commissioners and numerous other county officials who were jailed or are still in jail.

Jose Rodriguez sat silently by while corruption flourished in the community.

As you listen to Jose Rodriguez pontificate against guns keep in mind that limiting an empowered citizenry does nothing for curbing public abuse but instead, it allows it to consume the community because individuals, like Jose Rodriguez, can’t be trusted to safeguard the community against corruption.

If you still do not believe me, look at the most current controversy – the children’s hospital and ask yourself how many of its proponents are against allowing the citizenry the ability to empower themselves.

I believe the answer is obvious, regardless of your position on gun ownership.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. I don’t know the senator personally but I would guess he is just toeing the party line. Whatever the Democratic Party decides, he will comply. He is not known for being wave maker. So it isn’t a surprise that he would be against weapons on campus.

    That’s the irony, does anyone really know how many students, faculty, staff, contractors, vendors, etc are carrying guns? Unless they plan to set up sensors, no one will know. I doubt anyone will in a classroom twirling a gun or practicing fast draws between classes.

    The professors are scared. ? Why shouldn’t students be concerned that a professor doesn’t flip and shoots them? There are too many people on campus to worry about one category. This is getting out of hand, even campus security could lose it and start shooting. Anyone could be a potential shooter. So if they feel the need to be safe let them carry guns. How do you know the student next to you hasn’t been carrying all year?

    Senator, we know you have to follow the Dem ideology but can’t you use common sense on this issue? It is virtually impossible to outlaw guns on campus. Requires extra security people and equipment. Interfere with class schedules by checking at each building entrance ? keep the guns in a car until the shooter is ready and retrieves the weapon. Start searching cars ?

    Professor wants to quit because guns are allowed on campus. Good riddance, unless the professor has extreme command of a topic or is the only one. There’s another professor waiting for a vacancy. If the professor quits, that doesn’t sound very rational, maybe he needs to be watched !

  2. The political apathy here is a consequence of the largely Mexican culture that is not politically active or engaged. Change that and you change the city. Really, you change the world.

  3. Great piece to bring up the major cartel-like behavior by the likes of Jose Rodriguez. It’s amazing how many support every thing he does. I’m glad you brought the time he was county attorney, and major problems occurred during that time, be he seems to be completely not associated the all the corruption going on while he was county attorney. And then there is JoAnne Bernal. She was promoted to county attorney by the “votes” when she was assistant during the reign of Jose Rodriguez.

    I am over the religion called “government”, and I try not to participate in as much of the activity as possible, except to expose the persistent corruption no matter who gets into office. No one can change a system that rewards a group of mafia men/women.

    Voting is a fraud and has never been a method to represent the true wishes of the majority of the public. Even if over 50% voted, no one could possibly know that the result is true since nothing is traceable.

    As far as the Mexican culture…I think most are really smart to stay away from as much of the cartels, i.e. government, as possible. If no one participated in the activities as well as pay the fraudulent taxes, there will be major changes and a destruction of the mindset of what government (religion) can do for me.

  4. Let have a real honest discussion about guns in the U.S.. Population of the U.S. 325,973,395. There are 101 legal and illegal guns per 100 of the population. We have more than 22 thousand gun laws in America. Those killed by a gun in America on average is around 34 thousand each year. 60 % are suicides, if someone intent is to kill themselves they will find away and crazy people do not care about your gun laws. 30% are criminal and gang related. Criminals and gang do not give a damn about your guns laws either only law abiding citizens care about following gun laws. 3% are accidents. When you look at the number of guns in America and those actually killed by guns each year to the population the numbers are very small statistically. Nope not saying those killed by guns is right but the issue is being way over blown by the politicians, the ant-gun activities and mainstream media. Responsible gun ownership is actually is very high in America taking in the number of guns in the hands of Americans and it is a very small irresponsible group of people causing the problem but some politicians do not want you to know these facts.
    In fact you have a far greater chance of being killed by your Doctor and local hospitals each year in America than guns, criminals or gangs.
    The real problem is the failure to fund the manpower to enforce the gun laws we already have on the books. Yep the anti-gun activities and Politicians like Rodriguez do not want to talk about this fact. So write one more gun law that the funding to enforce the law will not be legislated. That’ll showing!

  5. Common Sense – Poor Jose Rodriguez is not known for anything positive! He has never really done anything! Never solved any problems. Sat silently by while corruption was so rampant you could point your finger at anyone and stand a good chance of being correct. It would be difficult to elect anyone who might ever be more of a non factor in his own City.

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