Some of you may have noticed that all of a sudden Veronica Escobar is doing everything in her power to save the El Paso Children’s Hospital. This after the County had insinuated that the Medicaid debt might be too much for the County to absorb and after threatening to turn off all of the services. Veronica Escobar went from taking a hard line to looking for an amicable solution to forestall the impending doom of the children’s hospital.

You may have also noticed that recent allegations about Medicaid monies have been levied as well as indications that at least one investigation is underway. Former county attorney, Jose Rodriguez, intimated that the children’s hospital may be liable for millions more dollars that was initially assumed.

Since that moment, the County has changed directions and has pushed back numerous deadlines giving the children’s an opportunity to accept several UMC proposals.

Why the sudden change of heart?

On Monday morning I will answer those questions for you in my upcoming documentary; The El Paso Children’s Hospital Conspiracy. Get some popcorn and sit back for a short six-minute mini-documentary that will answer all of the questions for you.

You do not want to miss it.

Watch the video trailer:

Martin Paredes

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3 replies on “Why the Sudden Rush to Save the Children's Hospital?”

  1. The rush to save the hospital. Has nothing to do about “for the children”. It’s about saving careers. Especially Escobar, the crown and future crowns are slipping away.

    There’s also a potential for prosecution. At a minimum, fines for fraud. Any creditability the players had, just went the window. On the plus side, it provided one of the rare times we have transparency. The board member’s admission is strange because they opened themselves to criminal liability. Why the admission ? A deal was made ? The walls were closing in and they aren’t going alone? The idea that federal and state officials are intervening to save them?

    These members need to be interviewed thoroughly. That’s such a serious move, to commit fraud. There had to be knownledge of, planning or sanctioning of the scheme at higher levels and more culprits.

    Four studies that revealed the hospital was doomed to fail from the start. Only arrogance, stupidity or legacy building would motivate anyone to commit a federal crime. We are the victims not them. We as taxpayers will be stuck with approx 30 million dollars in debt. Rightfully, the perpetrators should be punished severely and perhaps once and for all serve as an example and signal that those that choose to participate in questionable behavior WILL caught. All of us saw 30 officials go to jail, about two years ago. Why would anyone in their right mind think they were smart enough not to get caught? It’s that con mentality that says only stupid people get caught but I am smarter than the average Joe. Meanwhile, the smart ones are doing time. Arrogance is a major motive !

    Those in office need to be removed from office or as a minimum thrown of politics. Why hasn’t the DA said anything ? The failure to do anything is the exact reason to not vote for him. As usual it takes a state or federal entity to investigate because the roots of the dying tree are rotten.

  2. No one elected is going to lose their job. Maybe they’ll do a deal, one of those “public/private” partnerships like the stadium.

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