There are no two ways about it Donald Trump misrepresented the facts about birthright citizenship in Mexico during the September 16, 2015 Republican debates. Whether he did it intentionally or he does not know the facts, the end result is that it is impossible to hold an honest debate about immigration when there is so much noise based on erroneous information. In the third episode of the Proteus Files, I prove to you that he is misinformed about birthright citizenship in Mexico. Listen to him in his own words.

As I stated before, I have undertaken the task of correcting as many of the misinformed facts about immigration that I can during the run up to the 2016 presidential elections. Once we know the facts then we can focus on the real debate about immigration.

The fact that I have to correct the record proves that the immigration debate is nothing but a red herring designed to distract from the fact that the United States depends and needs immigrants for its success.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. This exactly why people should be informed voters. Those that vote as told have no idea what is fact or fiction. Those that vote based on gender, race, looks, etc are no better than a drone voter.

    Is Trump any worse than the rest in both parties ? For that matter, on a local level. We hear and read all kinda bs about honesty, transparency, balancing budgets. They will embellish, lie, avoid questions, provide half answers just to get elected.

    Isn’t it time that we look at qualifications, education, experience and fact check claims. You might be shocked when you fact check it is a lie, half truth or spun or obvious the candidate had no idea about the topic. Ever notice, politicians provide a one sentence reply then switch to something else thus never answering the question?

    When it comes down to it, we all come with different perspectives, skills and abilities, no one person or group has all the answers or skills. So we learn to mesh those abilities and knownledge to function as a society. However, it falls apart when one part feels superior or doesn’t progress. Then we have those that feel the law doesn’t apply or it is a stupid law therefore should be ignore.

    The 14th amendment has created problems because legal experts have different interpretations of the law and its intent.

    The US is undergoing thru very difficult economic times. When there arent enough jobs, money, health care, the people will blame others. It doesn’t matter whether the statements are factual or not. They just know someone has to be blamed.

    Are Hispanics/Mexicans the focus for now? Yes, but every new group goes through the gauntlet. My guess, Mexicans will be forgotten and Middle Easterners will be the scapegoat. Mexicans could help the process by not refusing to assimilate. Look how fast the Asians and Indians became successful. The common traits, speak English and education. We work for them ! The successful Mexicans in the U.S. are successful because they speak English and learn the new culture. They in turn showcase out rich culture. Look at the number of Mexican art, restrauants, clothes, music has become popular. The super hot sauce is no longer just the Mex thing nor is the tortilla. Some nonMexicans insist on those two things with their meals. Tacos and Burritos are very popular throughout the US.

    Why is Trump popular because he will say anything and doesn’t care if anyone is offended. People are tired of all fake promises, lack of transparency and being belittled for 6 1/2 years. He is not tactful or PC at all. But then is he saying anything the average person only says privately.

    The border issue is a thorn because some feel we have to know who’s coming. These are dangerous times. Are we taking in more people than the current situation can handle. While some don’t feel like a threat, remember if you sneak in no one knows that. Why does Mexico guard its southern border? There was a woman, couple of years ago, that stated she would cross just to have the babies and receive benefits. Interviews like that only inflame the issue.

    Btw, there are a lot of citizens of Mexican descent that agree with Trump. Before you yell coconut. Think about it, just as the Mennonites in Mexico feel loyal to Mexico, the Mexicans that are born and raised here have loyalty to the U.S. but remember their roots.

  2. SCOTUS needs to weigh in on this issue and whether children born to illegals qualify under the 14th amendment. I don’t think so.

  3. El Trompas not only does not know the facts but he chose to lie about Mexican birthright. In other words he chose to create his own facts but then, is that not his forte? He makes up the facts as he goes along. Who is going to challenge him? The moderators? His trompateers?

    He knows that he can lie about anything and get away with it because he is among the most ignorant of the ignorant. When he does get challenged he turns into a bully, remember that Kelly woman from the first so-called debate. Or he sics his minions on the challengers, i.e.: Jorge Ramos and the man with the poster that he had assaulted.

    Make up facts and bully people, now that is what the small minds like to hear and see. No, Siree Bob, let’s not have an honest discussion, no to the exchange of ideas, and no to reasonable solutions to problems because that would require too much work of the small minds.

    At the there is an article titled “What People Around the World Think of America After Trump’s Bewildering Rise” by Natalie Shure. It’s an interesting read.

    On another note, over at StormFront they just love this guy. Last time I visited the site they were in deep discussion as to who his VP should be, seemed that most were in favor of none other than Ted Cruz. His supporters had their panties-in-bunch explaining how he really is white not Mexican/Mestizo and they were even accepting of Cruz’ stand with Israel. Now that blew me away. Imagine we Mexicans are now in the top hate position of the Aryans. We’ve come a long way, Baby!

  4. The understanding of Trump is difficult because locals don’t understand it’s a different culture. People from that part of the country speak bluntly, but don’t personalize the comments. Whereas, in this area tend to speak in circles to avoid offending. People in the southeast use tacky tactful commentary.

    Jorge was not assaulted, this the type of comments that distort the facts. In all honesty, it was more of a pissing contest to show which one has more power.

    Am I fan of Trump’s, no, but I can understand whats he’s saying. For me it’s too soon to decide. I am not a drone voter so I will read and listen with an open mind. Will a particular candidate cover all my concerns, nope. So it comes down to, which has most of my values. I learned long ago, if someone just like you, you can do no right. If someone likes you, you can do no wrong.

    As for world image, does our current President have a shining image ? Do other countries care if we like their leaders? So why should we care what they like. They hate our leaders, our culture, our beliefs but will undertake any risk to get here.

  5. Here’s what surprises me most about the Trump run: many are listening to him because he is saying what others won’t. An example from my personal experience just last month. I had lunch with two of my friends, one Hispanic in his mid 70’s, the other a Hispanic in his late 30’s. When the topic of the first debate came up both of these men said they supported what Trump was saying because they feel the same frustrations. They said that sometimes the Donald says things that are translated to racism, but that It isn’t a racist comment to show the absolute disgust and distrust of politicians in D. C. including POTUS and both houses. Shocking also because these two men are first generation US, lots of family in Mexico but also business owners. They said they’re tired of those who want to shortcut the system, corrupt the system, and manipulate the system. Both agreed that immigration in its present form is a very long and expensive procedure. They are tired of government intrusion into their businesses and find that anybody who has been in Congress for more than two terms should be kicked out. There is an underlying truth to what Trump is saying even though he pisses off nearly everyone, and that is that he has the bully pulpit and wherewithal to say things that sound so right given the current condition of the country. Hard working people are being ambushed by the politicians and yet no one other than Trump is saying it. My friends also said something that hasn’t been brought out, that there is a humanity missing in the debate, a humanity to those undocumented. The suffering imposed by coyotes, the cost in money and dignity, the continuous cost of lower pay and the cost of always looking over their shoulder. In some respects my friends said that the message should be made in this debate, but no one, not one of the candidates has said those things and so Trump is left to carry the message as radical as it might seem to some. Some, including the blogger himself, would agree that Mexico has stringent immigration policies. Should the US copy those and see where the division would come from then? Why isn’t anyone talking about that?

  6. I’m just not sure what liberals expect from reformation of the immigration system. The US already takes in more immigrants than any other country by far. 1 in 7 Americans are foreign born. The proportion of foreign born citizens to the total population is at the highest level than at any time in the country’s history. And, that proportion far exceeds that of any other country, including the developed nations. In light of those facts, and considering how generous the US already is towards immigrants and refugees, I think it’s only reasonable to expect some semblance of border security. It’s only fair for us to say NO to those who would trample on our laws to get into the country illegally. So can someone tell me, without the typical liberal heart-string pulling platitudes, what liberals expect from immigration reformation. More immigrants on an annual basis? How many? From where predominantly? Under what conditions? Do they simply advocate open borders? Let’s desist with the conventional PC statements, and just say what we expect. Here’s what I think… the rate at which we admit immigrants is enough (1.4 – 1.7 million annually). I would even advocate for bumping it up 1.7 – 2 Million. The criteria for admission would be simplified, and wouldn’t depend on much more than being able to demonstrate good moral character, and a full allegiance to the US and our political customs. Economic conditions, nationality, geopolitical circumstances, would not play into the admission criteria. And there would be strict enforcement of the border. Illegal immigrants will be expelled, and would lose the opportunity to ever become naturalized citizens. Any organizations found to be employing or harboring illegal immigrants would be severely punished with fines and criminal prosecution of stakeholders. Of course, there are many more things to consider including temporary statuses, political asylum, and such, but this would be my start. I would really like to see liberals chime in to see what they really expect because all I really hear from them is self-righteousness, and vitriol for those that disagree with them.

    1. All right then, I’m your huckleberry.

      For starters, let’s have the illegal Norte Americano military apparatus go home; just go home and stay within your imaginary borders.

      Stop your wars, stop your Obamadroning, rein-in your Special Operations Forces from the 135 nations where they have been deployed (2015 Proves to Be Record-Breaking Year for the US Military’s secret Military by Nick Turse), and close your military bases around the world, the more than 686 bases (Base Nation: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World (American Empire Project) by David Vine).

      Cease your interference in other people’s governments. Discontinue imposing sanctions as these harm the innocent citizens of sanctioned nations and not their rulers, many who you more than likely helped install. Such as was the case with Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

      Don’t support dictatorships nor other repressive governments.

      Stop supplying the world with arms.

      Stop your thieving of other people’s natural resources.

      Amnesty to all undocumented immigrants. They have paid their dues with their hard labour and exploitation. “At least 4,000 day laborers worked on Sandy recovery in the New York metro area, according to an estimate provided to BuzzFeed News by Baruch College sociologist Héctor Cordero-Guzmán and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. Cordero-Guzmán estimated, based on the usual characteristics of the day laborer population, that some 75% of those workers were undocumented.” (The Undocumented Immigrants Who Rebuilt New York After Sandy by David Noriega October 12, 2014.)

      After these goals are met, before you deport any immigrants that do manage to get in undocumented, an investigations must be conducted. If the immigrant comes from one of the many countries where you were involved (as mentioned above) within the last one hundred years then the immigrant should be provided with a status of resident and a path to citizenship. The one-hundred years is an arbitrary number, who knows how long it takes a nation to recover from the devastations of the illegal Norte Americano?

      Just for starters from this so-called ‘liberal‘ as you put it.

      1. Ok Pati, we can consider that route, but if the US is going to make these withdrawals, we might as well make others that may also cause grief for so many around the world. We can pull our entire contribution to the United Nations, and we can dissolve the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Plus, we can pull our entire contribution to the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, since those organizations never did any good for anyone. I suppose we can let everyone else fend for themselves, including small European countries at danger of being swallowed up Russia. Putin isn’t such a bad guy after all. African nations can figure things out on their own. After all, radical Islamists pose no danger to anyone there. The Taiwanese can also take care of their own affairs; I don’t think they face any real dangers anyway. And, I guess the same illegal immigrants that helped rebuild after hurricane Sandy, can go to Central and South America, and help rebuild there after devastating earthquakes; nobody needs US meddling in their affairs anyway.

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