As you likely know by now, Ali Razavi aka MaxPowers released some text messages from Claudia Ordaz’ telephone. Yesterday I showed you how Claudia Ordaz used text messages to drive the MPO issue at the city council meeting on July 14, 2015. Today, I am sharing more of the text messages with you.

In an attempt to give you some context to better understand the text messages I have created a timeline for you. Keep in mind that the raw data in the open records requests leaves some of the recipients and senders somewhat ambiguous, therefore I have relied on some guesswork to make them readable. By all means, if you find a mistake please let me know so that I can correct them.

As you go through the text messages, remember to keep the point of view from Ordaz’ telephone.

I have purposely kept the commentary to a minimum in order to give you the opportunity to digest the information. There are many troubling aspects in these messages. Tomorrow, I’ll share my commentary about them with you.

At the very least, there needs to be a serious public discussion about the appropriateness of the text messages. I, personally believe that a criminal investigation should be opened in order to determine what, if any, crimes have been committed, especially in Texas, where there are many laws governing interfering with public duties, interfering with the political process and conspiracy among others.

I’ll have more about this in tomorrow’s issue.

Here are the text messages in chronological order. For brevity sake, I have not included the July 14 text messages nor the text messages between Ordaz and her staff. If you believe I should create a similar presentation of the staff ones, let me know and I will try to.

March 11, 2015

[5:38 PM] To Susie Byrd and Claudia Ordaz: Firefightes are out walking. Just had a guy come to my door with his cute kids. “Can’t afford the insurance for my family if the city’s proposal passes.”
[5:39 PM] To Cortney Niland & Susie Byrd: OMGOsh. I hope they take the offer to come back the table. It’s best for everyone
[5:39 PM] To Susie Byrd & Claudia Ordaz: I agree
[5:42 PM] To Cortney Niland & Claudia Ordaz: Cortney getting a good response, they might just decide to take their chances with the voters.

March 12, 2015

[1:44 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Oh ok cool, that’ll work. We’re currently hearing the PSB rezoning case you sent into over on. Anything in particular you’d like to clarify?
[1:45 PM] I want to know what they’re considering building there. I’m concerned that it being right next to the park, I don’t want a hotel or something.
[1:45 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Yeah and also it’s part of the entry to the city
[1:45 PM] Residents in the area want something that’s going to improve the quality of life
[1:45 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: First thing people see
[1:46 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Exactly. I’m going to try and require a site plan
[1:46 PM] Maybe you can make mention of that
[1:46 PM] you heard it from the horses mouth
[1:47 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: With a site plan they can’t build anything unless cpc approves it
[1:47 PM] And council approval
[1:47 PM] Yeah get a site plan
[2:11 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Got it. 4b1.
[2:11 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Staff isn’t a fan and will do what they can to not recommend it to council.
[2:11 PM] 😀
[2:12 PM] Thank you!!!
[2:12 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Of course. This thing is huge! 31 acresbbthat’s absurd.
[2:13 PM] Yup!
[2:13 PM] Didn’t realize it was that big
[2:15 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Yeah neither did i. But Carlos stated, “We know what it’s going to look like, your typical suburban style development shopping center.” I thought to myself, “Exactly! That’s what we don’t want!” Why does he sound so defeated?
[2:16 PM] what do you mean defeated?
[2:17 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: I just imagined he’d do what he could to stop that type of development and he just sounded like he’s given up: “yeah, it’s gonna happen, not much we can do.”
[2:17 PM] Wow. Not good. We won’t let that happen
[2:27 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Yeah now it goes to you all, but the land use map has to be amended first. Worth probably meeting with PSB or staff
[2:28 PM] Ok will do. Thanks Jose

March 25, 2015 Notice the demand to use city resources for her campaign’s benefit.

[1:30 PM] Hey Tommy! Favor to ask of you. As you know It’s campaign season and a lot of my signs are being taken down. I’m thinking its code compliance. There is a sign that was taken down on zaragosa and rabe. And now my opponent has a sign up there. Since code compliance took my sign down there, can you have them take down his as well? Equal treatment 🙂
[1:31 PM] Agree with u about equal treatment.

March 31, 2015 City Council meeting day

[9:36 AM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: I’m on my way! You guys are on 18 right?
[9:36 AM] It passed
[9:36 AM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Wait what? Really?
[9:36 AM] Unanimously
[9:37 AM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: So I don’t need to go?
[9:37 AM] No you’re good. Didn’t hear from you so I thought you weren’t coming. I made some comments how this is a great collaborative effort. Blah blah blah
[9:36 AM] [9:38 AM] Chief made some comments. It went good
[9:36 AM] [9:38 AM] Enjoy your day off
[9:38 AM] !
[9:38 AM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Oh shit I didn’t go so early because I thought it was buried in the agenda. Well that’s cool.

April 7, 2015 City Council meeting day

[7:49 AM] Do you have a moment to chat about the future use item
[8:03 AM] About to walk in to the meeting. If you can txt me your thoughts
[9:10 AM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Apparently during plan El Paso all PSB land was marked as open space in the Plan because that was just assumed it would remain as such. However, given that they now want to sell it they want to amend the plan to be in conformity with it. It’s not wrong to do that and it shouldn’t have an impact on much since the rezoning application is a different procedure
[9:10 AM] They’re amending the future use map for the land that’s being rezoned
[9:10 AM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Oh!!!
[9:20 AM] Ok so the future land map will almost be like a survey or a plan for the land
[9:46 AM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: No it’s not its regarding the future land use plan that the city uses [to determine proposed uses in an area. The comp plan

April 20, 2015

[4:02 PM] Claudia Ordaz to Jose Landeros: Hey Jose, can you call me when you get a moment. It’s CPC stuff. I wanted to pick your brain about the zoning case off zaragosa and see what you think

April 21, 2015 City Council meeting day

[7:51 AM] Did they tell you that the Cracker Barrel wanted to move in that PSB property
[9:40 AM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Hey I’m sorry i didn’t get around to calling you. Is that coming up today?
[9:41 AM] Claudia Ordaz to Jose Landeros: I deleted the items
[9:52 AM] Claudia Ordaz to Jose Landeros: I was getting too much misinformation

May 26, 2015 City council meeting day

[10:10 AM] What are the first steps you took to implement quiet zones in your district? I want to start the process on implementing that in the lower valley. I know it will be an uphill battle because of the lack of funding. Any advice you can offer? Maybe if you have some to chat later
[10:12 AM] Susie Byrd to Claudia Ordaz: Yes. Call me when you have time
[10:12 AM] Ok thanks Susie!

May 28, 2015

[6:40 PM] Hi judge. Yes of course. Im in austin right now with Vince’s fam but I’ll have some alone time tomorrow. Everything ok?
[6:59 PM] Veronica Escobar to Claudia Ordaz: Yes. Just wondering about those incentives for medical facilities on the east and west side that are on your agenda
[7:25 PM] Ok. Sounds good. I’ll call you in tomorrow

May 30, 2015

[6:54 AM] Veronica Escobar to Claudia Ordaz: The name of the company is Sun City. No private health care company in EP should ever get tax breaks. I bet they would do zero charity/unfunded care. At least Tenet and HCA take care of unfunded patients. I bet these stand alone shops don’t.
[6:58 AM] Good to know. Thanks judge. Completely agree and I’ll definitely make sure and voice that. I’ll let you know how it goes!
[7:09 AM] Veronica Escobar to Claudia Ordaz: Ok. The more info the better so I appreciate it very much. I’ll call you Monday

June 1, 2015

[10:40 AM] Hospital item dead 🙂 sold the idea about not offering charity/unfunded care and council agreed. Also Noe compared these like casinos.
[10:42 AM] We spoke about the exec items in agenda review today
[10:42 AM] Veronica Escobar to Claudia Ordaz: Good for you!!! Thanks for protecting the taxpayer!
[10:42 AM] Thank you for putting this on my radar!! Team work

On July 14, 2015, the MPO issues was before city council. See yesterday’s post for reference.

June 17, 2015

[3:52 PM] Veronica Escobar to Claudia Ordaz: The guy Carl appointed to the. Charter committee (Thackson), who pushed moving the elections back to May was recommended by the Republican party

July 19, 2015

[9:16 AM] Eliot Shapleigh to Claudia Ordaz: Great work on MPObbpeople are angry about the lack of competence… You give them hopebbyou are a leader!
[9:29 AM] Senator, that means a lot coming from you. You always fought the good fight. I’m on an island right now but it’s really leaders like you that remind me and give me hope that in the end this will only make the city better.
[12:30 PM] Eliot Shapleigh to Claudia Ordaz: Keep the faithbbon this issue people are with you 100%bbhave confidence, and have fun!
[6:14 PM] Veronica Escobar to Claudia Ordaz: How are you doing?
[10:20 PM] Vince Perez to Claudia Ordaz: Im incredibly proud of you for being so brave. You give people hope that there are still good, hardworking people in government fighting for them. You represent the future of this community and you’re tearing down the old walls of the past. I love you more than you know. Good luck.
[11:20 PM] Vince Perez to Claudia Ordaz: Amazing job!
[11:20 PM] Vince Perez to Claudia Ordaz: That demonstrates some serious problems in the city’s ability to apply for these funds.
[11:20 PM] Vince Perez to Claudia Ordaz: Matthew talked about CBI and TXDOT had a great project b the city’s application for winn road was submitted in the wrong funding category, so the city never had a chance to compete because the application was ineligible!!
[11:20 PM] Vince Perez to Claudia Ordaz: NOT a coincidence. One year ago today you won your election!
[11:33 PM] Jose Landeros to Claudia Ordaz: Kick ass! You did great.
[11:44 PM] Hi Judge! Sorry for the delayed response. I was emotionally preparing for today!
[11:53 PM] Veronica Escobar to Claudia Ordaz: You did great! I felt sorry for Matthew and I think the rest of council looks terrible
[11:54 PM] Thanks judge. It’s awful the city sent him there. I felt so bad.

July 20, 2015

[10:08 AM] How is it?
[10:09 AM] Lots of support but there a lot of people who are against this who are actually property owners downtown
[10:13 AM] How is it with your colleagues?
[10:14 AM] Lol no one is talking to me!
[10:14 AM] It’s great!
[10:14 AM] Actually the major is acting awfully nice. Made it a point to talk to me
[10:41 AM] Hmmm
[12:06 AM] Claudia Ordaz to Jose Landeros: Thanks for everything Jose
[10:32 AM] Not sure if you saw the photo of the hot mess gang
[10:40 AM] Jaime Abeytia sends Claudia Ordaz: Attachment
[2:38 PM] Just watched News 7 Xtra. You did such a great job.
[2:38 PM] Thanks Susie. I appreciate it very much
[4:27 PM] How was your day? Better, I hope?
[4:57 PM] Hi Judge! Thanks for asking. Things are ok… getting better. No one is talking to me still but I feel in the end, this will only make the city better.
[4:58 PM] Being on this island… all I need is a Mai Tai
[5:02 PM] You’re awesome. Keep your chin up!!! The city is damn lucky to have you. Let’s get together this week for drinks and laughs to shake off some of the bad vibes from work, if you like. @
[5:03 PM] Thanks Judge and yes I’d absolutely love that!
[5:12 PM] Claudia Ordaz to Jaime Abeytia: Omgosh!!
[5:13 PM] Jaime Abeytia to Claudia Ordaz: Lol, you’re barely seeing that!
[5:14 PM] Claudia Ordaz to Jaime Abeytia: I saw it on your blog! Mean Girls video was over the top hilarious! Can’t stop laughing
[5:14 PM] Ah yes, the cultural references I have because of my daughters…
[5:15 PM] You’re good
[5:15 PM] I just picture McElroy walking away from the podium saying “I just have a lot of feelings”

July 22, 2015

[12:39 PM] Vince Perez to Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Anyone know what the maximum amount a gift can be for a city elected official or staff member?
[1:19 PM] Jaime Abeytia responds to Vince Perez & Claudia Ordaz with Attachment
[1:19 PM] Vince Perez to Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: I need to know what the city policy is
[1:19 PM] Jaime Abeytia responds to Vince Perez & Claudia Ordaz: I dont know the city policies. Their ethics policies should be online. Why?
[1:19 PM] Jaime Abeytia responds to Vince Perez & Claudia Ordaz: At the county i believe it cant exceed $50. Then there are several other specifications, if it’s a perishable item, it has to be made available to the public or other offices like an edible arrangement. For example, Fred Loya thanked Leon for recognizing the christmas light fight recognition, and ordered fruit or something. Then i believe there are some exceptions for nonprofit events. I need to look into intergovernmental stuff. Like the consulate. Why?
[1:19 PM] Vince Perez to Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Because I remember an issue with tickets to events in the past
[1:19 PM] Vince Perez to Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: And there was a big fight last weekend and lots of city people got free tickets
[1:19 PM] Vince Perez to Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Apparently even Firth was going to get tickets
[1:19 PM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Dora was coordinating
[1:23 PM] $75
[1:26] Claudia Ordaz sends city website link to gift reporting
[1:26 PM] Reporting begins on page 11
[1:26 PM] Begin on page 7
[1:31 PM] Vincent Perez to Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Thanks.
[1:34 PM] The only way we can accept anything larger is if it’s a city sponsored event

July 27, 2015

[12:21 PM] what was the second ballot amendment
[12:28 PM] nevermind

March 11, 2015

[8:24 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: So…
[8:24 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: This statement being pimped out by Cortney…
[8:37 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: What statement?
[8:38 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Let me send it to you
[8:38 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Transparent Government City Speaks to Efficiencies, Accountability & Sound Fiscal Management:
[8:39 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: That was from tommy and his bs press conference
[8:42 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: When was that?
[8:42 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Yesterday. Read ept online.
[8:42 AM] This was a press release from yesterday’s press conference which pretty much said absolutely nothing new. They spoke a lot better communication and about bringing council together, blah, blah… but not a single council member was at the press conference because we didn’t get notified until the night before.
[8:42 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: When was that?
[8:42 AM] Vince Perez, Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: Yesterday. Read ept online.

August 4, 2015 This is the day city council voted on Tommy Gonzalez’ pay raise.

[9:19 PM] Please keep this between you and me
[9:20 PM] This is the first time I’ve ever regretted a vote
[9:20 PM] Not a feeling I’m used to
[9:37 PM] Everyone makes mistakes. No one expects perfection and you didn’t have bad intentions. It’ll be okay in the long run.
[9:37 PM] You know that.
[9:37 PM] Claudia, I honestly see you and Vince like family. I’d never share that with anyone.

August 5, 2015

[1:15 PM] Spoke with peter. He doesn’t feel the least bit bad. He said he feels more comfortable with this vote than any other he’s taken.
[1:16 PM] Well there u go
[1:16 PM] So u couldnt have been able to change the outcome
[1:16 PM] Just shows how different we are
[3:13 PM] You doing okay today?
[3:21 PM] Eh. Doing alright. Still disappointed. I was thinking if yesterday’s vote could have gone different. I spoke with Peter earlier and he said he doesn’t feel the least bit bad. He said he feels more comfortable with this vote than any other he’s taken. That stays with us
[3:26 PM] Did you get any calls to your office about it? A friend of mine called a couple of offices and I think he posted the numbers in several places in Facebook.
[3:26 PM] Surprisingly no
[3:26 PM] One positive one. Scratching my head on that one
[3:27 PM] Peter said he got at least 10 negative ones
[4:08 PM] Claudia Ordaz to Vince Perez: Can’t shake this feeling off
[4:09 PM] Jorge is on your side
[4:09 PM] Even if he’s not
[4:09 PM] I’m not behind my decision
[4:09 PM] Youve gotta learn from it an move on. You have too much work to do to dwell on this and let you bring it down.
[4:10 PM] I know
[8:14 PM] Jaime Abeytia to Vince Perez & Claudia Ordaz: Honey badger is on the phone with me crying.
[8:14 PM] Vince Perez or Claudia Ordaz: Why?
[8:14 PM] Vince Perez org Claudia Ordaz: Cant take the heat?
[8:14 PM] Yeah she is really pissed and she is whining about Claudia and Limon and Tolbert
[8:14 PM] Jaime Abeytia: “Vince and Landeros turned their back on me. They said if they help me it will hurt Claudia so we won’t help you.”
[8:16 PM] There were like 5 witnesses there. Does she not realize that?
[8:16 PM] Claudia Ordaz or Vince Perez: What is she talking about
[8:16 PM] So random
[8:17 PM] The meeting we had where she said she wanted to be mayor
[8:17 PM] She’s all over the place.
[8:17 PM] “I don’t make decisions based on how people will think about me”
[8:17 PM] Vince Perez or Claudia Ordaz: And i told her not to blow 70K on a district race.
[8:17 PM] “I don’t make decisions for political reasons”
[8:17 PM] Lol. So she thinks I do? I’m still confused where she is going with all of this
[8:18 PM] Now she’s on Tolbert
[8:18 PM] Ugggghhh. Dramatica mujer
[8:19 PM] She thinks Tolbert made attacks about her baby. He would never do such a thing
[8:20 PM] Vince Perez or Claudia Ordaz: She mentioned that
[8:20 PM] Vince Perez or Claudia Ordaz: Well he was kinda out of line with his blog
[8:20 PM] Claudia Ordaz or Vince Perez: No he was not. He never attacked her. He sympathized with her after he lost his son
[8:20 PM] “She’s pretty to look at, but she has no idea how to develop personal relationships”
[8:20 PM] And he apologized
[8:20 PM] Which he didn’t have to
[8:21 PM] Does she not get that I don’t give a fuck
[8:21 PM] Clearly not. I’ll tell you guys about it as soon as she’s done here…
[8:22 PM] Sas, at least she’s pretty look at. Courtney’s not easy on the eyes and she’s not very bright and arrogant. Thats why dagda nearly kicked her ass
[8:22 PM] Tell her I don’t care and like rousey would say “stop crying”
[8:22 PM] “Who fucking raised her money? Me. Twice.”
[8:23 PM] No she didn’t. It was the judge
[8:23 PM] She had nothing to do with my race. Absolutely nothing
[8:24 PM] Just cuz we run campaigns for 1/5 the price, and get better results, dont be mad.
[8:24 PM] Stop crying
[8:25 PM] Crying emoji with a hashtag over it.
[8:26 PM] “I was grooming her. I took her under my wing. Trust is everything. This is disgusting”
[8:31 PM] “Claudia thinks ‘oh I’m hot, I’m smart. I won by a big margin. You guys should listen to me.'”
[8:32 PM] Omgosh why is she so obsessed with this
[8:32 PM] It’s sad. I feel bad for her
[8:32 PM] Okay. We are off the phone now.
[8:34 PM] Jaime your VM is creepy
[10:00 PM] Jaime Abeytia sends Attachment
[10:12 PM] Do you know who that is from? I’ll stand by that the one time bonus is BS because it screws employees in the end because it’s not a real salary increase. It was a chicken shit move to make it seem like they support employees. But more importantly I voted to in favor of not accepting the 3.9M in revenue so it would have less of a tax impact on residents.
[10:19 PM] I don’t. But I suspect montes.

August 6, 2015

[9:55 AM] Did you hear Limon wants to bring the item back
[9:56 AM] No! I saw her question whether the mayor can veto it
[9:56 AM] I think that was on KVIA
[9:57 AM] Yeah Vince told me he read it somewhere

August 9, 2015

[8:43 AM] Vince Perez to Jaime Abeytia & Claudia Ordaz: “Editorial: Mayor, council bumble on El Paso city manager pay raise”
[12:57 PM] I rarely read the hard copy anymore but I did today. It is filled with people upset about the raise. Yesterday I heard two separate conversations about it, by people I don’t know, about the raise. People are pretty universally upset about it. Pretty interesting when you consider at least with the ballpark there were people on both sides of the issue. On the raise, I struggle to find anyone who supports it and fewer still can articulate a decent defense of it.
[1:01 PM] Have you heard if the mayor is going to veto? He has until today to make the decision.
[1:02 PM] I haven’t and I’m actively snooping around.
[2:51 PM] I’m working on a blog post about a possible veto by the Mayor of the raise to the City Manager. This message is being sent to all members of council. Question: If Mayor Leeser vetoed the raise in order to give the public an opportunity to weigh in on the issue, would you vote to override his veto?
[3:58 PM] My response would be the mayor wouldn’t veto it
[10:28 PM] Vince Perez or Claudia Ordaz: “There’s a greater chance of finding la llorona riding a chupacabra this weekend than there is of the Mayor vetoing anything this council does.”
[10:54 PM] Vince Perez or Claudia Ordaz: Or how about: “There’s a greater chance of finding La llorona riding a chupacabra this weekend than there is of the Mayor vetoing anything he says he disagrees with.”
[11:37 PM] Yeah sounds better. Writing the piece now.

August 10, 2015

[8:26 AM] Jaime Abeytia to Vince Perez and Claudia Ordaz: Post should be up in about 5 mins.
[8:28 AM] I thought you guys were joking around

August 11, 2015

[9:36 AM] Jaime Abeytia: Did you ever read the puppy policy thing I sent you?
[9:57 AM] [7:56 PM] Claudia Ordaz to Vince Perez and Jaime Abeytia: sends El Paso Times link

August 12, 2015

[2:52 PM] Jaime Abeytia to Claudia Ordaz: Said she was working on the details and would keep me posted.

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4 replies on “The Claudia Ordaz Text Messages”

  1. This should be an eye opener for the voters, drone voters and nonvoters.

    The obvious conclusions are that the three amigos and deep throat used and abused Ordaz. A very naive young lady that fell victim to the fake flattery. She wasn’t ready for city council and she isn’t now. Let alone for any future office. She lacks knownledge, judgement, understanding public service and confidence. This is exactly what happens when voters allowed themselves to be hoodwinked into voting for unqualified candidates. Ordaz, save yourself and change professions.

    The whole fiasco was about manipulation of city policy for enhancement of imagine and control by a few. The city has no idea where’s it going and county is hopping on one leg with no idea what do with the other. Yet the county clowns honestly believe that while the county is failing they have the ability to govern the city. Well, look around and see for yourself what has been the results. Total Disaster !

    What is absolute stupidity is they still associate with deep throat for guidance. Deep throat is about himself and will do whatever will benefit him. Niland learned this lesson the hard way and that he is untrustworthy. Common sense would tell you not to trust someone that abandons a family and scars the other family with vicious degrading of a parent’s indiscretions. But they gave him a pass. He was the not the victim, WE are. He just smirks at the whole situation. I nearly vomited when I read that some are family. That to me would be embarrassing and scary. If he had no hesitation in destroying his families, what about you. We are seeing someone that will do evil without conscience and blame others for his actions. Research the symptoms, there is a psych label. Rumors, lies, personal attacks, betrayal, manipulation, fabrication of information, arrogance and self importance are deep throats character traits.

    The lesson wasn’t learned by any of them that association with deep throat only results in damage to reputations and raises questions about judgement. He needs to be shown the door everywhere he appears. There was a good reason to show him the door at another government entity. But that wasn’t enough to wake them up. They continue to seek his guidance about dirty politics by whispering over phones and meeting in back rooms. They have the results now, everyone that associated with him is going down the tubes. Which one of you will be next ?

    There is nothing genius about deep throat, he is being used as well while thinking he is “one of them”. The kid that tries hard to be included in the popular high school crowd, while they just keep him around for their errands, jokes and dirty work.

    There needs to be a more thorough search of communications at the city and county. I’m sure there will be many confirmations of wrongdoings. No wonder others fought tooth and nail to prevent disclosure of communications. Stephanie Townsend fought hard to shed light and was viciously attacked for her efforts. Expect the same for others that seek transparency.

    They like to holler “tear down that wall”. Well let’s see if any of them are willing to do that. Suckers voting for suckers to be led by suckers. The city and county symbol should be a “huge lolly pop”.

    1. Hello, The city clerk announces the time at the beginning of the meeting (video). Based on that, I convert the time (length) on the video and correlate it to the time stamps of the text messages. I hope this answers your question.

      Thank you for asking and for reading my blog,

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