Today I introduce you all to my new video show, The Proteus Files. Those of you into Greek mythology know that Proteus was an old man of the sea that could predict the future only if you could catch him. I’ve updated that description to a slippery fella who can tell you the future of you manage to catch him.

As many of you know, I’ve been writing about politics for a while now. During that time, I have learned that history endlessly repeats itself because we do not learn from our past mistakes. Thus, for me, Proteus is all of us; although we know the future outcome of taxes or political intrigue, we seem to have that knowledge slip away from us each political cycle. Thus, The Proteus Files.

Through The Proteus Files, I plan on offering you my perspective on the different political issues. I hope that my different ways of presenting information to you is not only informative but entertaining as well.

Episode one of The Proteus Files focuses on Donald Trump’s immigration policy. I believe you will be surprise to learn what I share with you.

Stay tuned!

I’m working hard tracking down who in El Paso government was allegedly using their city email accounts on the Ashley Madison cheating website. I’ll share what I find out in tomorrow’s edition.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “The Proteus Files Episode One – The Donald Trump Immigration Plan”

  1. Martin, we can’t go back and say “if” this law or another was in effect there would be a different outcome. That’s not a valid statement. I do agree that the 14th amendment IS the law and won’t be changed. But, he is not singling Mexicans. He has stated on a number of occasions that he knows that the immigration is from several countries.

    As for the wall, the better solution would be for the Mexican government patrol and enforcement the law on the U.S. border with the same seriousness of the their southern border. Mexico can’t or shouldn’t point when they have murder, rape, robbery, slaverly, hostages and automatic incarceration or immediate deportion. That’s where Mexico can’t demand special treatment of its citizens when it brutalizes citizens of other countries.

    The other reason Mexico is annoyed is because it could be the end of a cash cow and have to develop their economy, education, healthcare,safety, justice and jobs. All ignored in the interest of self enrichment.

    Develop a Bracero program but pay the individuals directly to endure they are paid. The U.S. has shot itself in the foot by corporations abuse of the HB1 visas. It never made sense that the US would provide education for foreign students and shortly their return to the homeland offer them a job in the U.S. The excuse being there are no qualified US citizens. U.S. students attent the same schools, but not qualified ?

    What is amazing how Mexicans holler racism while doing the same thing among friends or at home. You know the racial names for blacks, Americans, second generation Americans of Mexican descent and even towards other Mexicans of different skin tone or economic level.

  2. As long as he doesn’t start calling for “comprehensive Immigration reform” that is code for “do nothing” people will respond positively to what Trump is saying on the issue. Also, Asians are not an immigration problem as they mostly come here legally, start small businesses and send their kids to college where they graduate and start genetics companies. Mexicans could learn from them if HACEP is any example to go by.

  3. When Trump the Punk makes a major plank in his platform that he is going to greatly increase funding and man power to prosecuting Businesses for hiring the undocumented workers then you can believe he is getting serious otherwise he is pandering to the lowest common denominator of supporters of the Republican party. Otherwise if he gets elected Trump will do nothing but a best a little window dressing. Trump and the Republican leadership have got to keep the wealthy donors happy who like the cheap, in some case near slave labor, of undocumented work force which they even like more when it under cuts the wages of the American worker. Oh and it’s just not the Republicans who like this the Democrat leaderships does the same too.
    Martin do not even waste your time with the Ashley Madison junk. In the more than two decades in El Paso the public has been made aware of Elected officials and others in local government having affairs and pretty much received tacit approval by the people of El Paso. Martin you should already know it’s part and parcel of the majority culture.

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