fired_dtI have been gratified to see Hispanics from all over the world coming together to show Donald Trump and his ilk that Latino’s will no longer sit idly by while individuals like Trump verbally abuse us. Hispanics in the United States seem to be unwilling to engage politically, although they represent one of the largest voting constituencies in the country. For the most part, Hispanics shy away from politics.

That is why I was surprised when Univision reacted not with words but with definitive action. Breaking ties with Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant is exactly the type of response that was needed. The bottom line in Trump’s wallet clearly sends him the signal that his words are unacceptable to us.

Words, isolation and ignoring Donald Trump are always a good response but to get his attention you simply need to go for his wallet. Trump is driven by money. He measures his success by his bottom line. That is why cutting financial ties is the most effective weapon to make him understand why his words are not only hurtful but plainly wrong.

If you don’t believe me, look at how he responded to Univision. With a childish letter telling them they aren’t welcome at his golf course. He was clearly angry. His bluster about suing Univision also reinforces that he is feeling the heat, not from the people around him but in his wallet, the only commodity he cares about.

On June 25, on the Jose Diaz-Balart Telemundo Show, Donald Trump started to back pedal. Although he refused to back down on his political rhetoric he attempted to soften it by stating “I love the Mexican people.”

Zuleyka Rivera, former Miss Universe Puerto Rico, announced on Friday that she would not be judging the Miss USA 2015 contest. She followed Cristian De La Fuente and Roselyn Sanchez who also quit hosting Trump related products.

Surprisingly NBC also dropped Trump’s shows as well. It clearly demonstrates that the Hispanic community has mobilized. It also proves that the Hispanic constituency is significant as well.

This gives the Latino community an opening with which to teach Donald a lesson. Stop buying products he benefits from.

Stay away from his hotels, his golf courses and of course let his media company sponsors know about your displeasure. Although I would love to see his hotels come to a stand still because his predominantly Hispanic labor walks off the job, I realize that is a luxury many cannot afford. However, boycotting anything carrying his brand would send the clearest message Donald would understand a drop in his net worth.

If enough of you were to do this, Donald Trump would be too busy staving off bankruptcy, for the fifth time, to bother pleading for mercy from the Latino community. At that point, it won’t matter anymore.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. I totally agree with yor blog about trump. He deserves everything that is happening to him and I wouldn’t surprised that his ego will prevent dropping from the Presidential campaign.

    Another point, we as Hispanics or Mexicans or whatever label you choose, are our own worst enemies. Whenever there is an opportunity to recognize one of our HEROS of Mexican heritage we do our best to block any recognition. I don’t if it’s ego or the boiling crab.

    What am I talking about? Remember the recent battle to retain the name off the engineer that did the design and negotiations with Mexico to build the Augillar highway at Tornillo/Guadalupe. The County Judge fought very hard to change the name to a business related name that would, get this, promote commerence and tourism. The battle was settled by changing the name from Aguillar Highway to Aguillar Industrial. That I’m sure was to save face.

    For almost 18 months, there have efforts to name the Port of Entry after a Mexican citizen that became an American Hero in WWI. He received the Distinguished Service Cross, which is the second highest award. He didn’t receive the Congressional Medal of Honor because he couldn’t speak English and was a Private with no possibility of promotion because of the language issue. There is documentation in the Department of Defense to correct this injustice as was recently done for a Jew and a black man.

    Although there has been several discussions, private and public to have the county take action, as they have authority to do so. The resistance has been stiff by the County Judge. The U.S. State Department and Mexican government think it’s a great idea but it’s up to the county judge to agree. The Judge is and other commissioners are aware of this fact. Because of sovereignty issues the two governments have to handle the issue in a sensitive manner.

    All these complications would end immediately if the county judge would stop opposing the issue. The bridge is not open so the time to name the bridge is now. However the Judge has stated even if the State Department agreed to naming the Port of Entry after Marcellino Serna she would not do so. To quote her exactly “I would not be inclined to do it “. Now if she would agree the entire court would vote for it. We had the majority votes this last cycle but lost the vote with the new court.

    This is a person that campaigned with the message that they’re for veterans. Even became a celebrity bar tender at a veterans club. Of course that was during the re-election campaign. How quickly they forget once they get elected.

  2. Trump gets dumped; first by Univision, then NBC, and now Carlos Slim! The only ones keeping mum about this bigoted, half-man/half-orangutan are the contenders for president of the white supremacists’ states.

  3. No one takes Mexicans seriously except as illegals. Vote and get involved. Then you’ll be taken seriously. Until then, you’re just a bunch of welfare leeches, like Woody Hunt and Paul Foster.

  4. At the risk of being labeled a racist, please go back and actually listen to what Trump said! You write the blog as if Trump said all Mexicans & Latinos who were ever born are rapists and murderers. He did not say that. What he did say was that Mexico and other countries are no longer sending us their finest. Your preconceived biases can greatly impact your understanding of his statements. Here is my two cents worth – I am close to 60 years old and in my lifetime we have elected career politicians. With a couple exceptions, they get worse every election cycle. I chalk that up to the American public being both lazy and stupid. Could Ross Perot or Donald Trump REALLY do any worse than the people we have elected in recent memory? Personally I welcome the opportunity to elect a non-career politician to the Presidency and see what a business person can do. We cannot keep spending money as if we have a money tree. Been printing money for the last 8 years, possibly more, I lose track. We have not felt the negative repercussions of that decision yet. That day is coming! I am Italian/Irish heritage and if someone were to say something negative about either I would not take it personally. So why do you guys get so bent out of shape with the Trump comments?

  5. Trump was steadfast when he said that Mexico is sending rapists, criminals, and that he assumes some good people, this last probably as an afterthought. He knows about the rapists and criminals but his hunch is that there may be (or not) a few ‘acceptable’ Mexicans in the mix, that is how his claim comes across. Of course statistics on crime say no such thing.

    He is pandering to that sector of the USA that just loves to hate and denigrate the ‘other‘ so they may continue their claim to superiority (more like an inferior complex these bloody bastards have). If we don’t call it for what it is than bigots like Trump will continue to use the bigotry to further their own agenda.

    Recently that symbol of hate – the confederate flag – was in the news due to the killing of nine African Americans, many, including politicians, came out to support it with the usual euphemisms; it’s our heritage, it’s to honor those that fought bravely for the South etc. Why? Is it to say that they are the ‘real Americans’ and the rest of us are not? But to the Afro-American and others it’s a symbol of repression, of Jim Crow, of the lynchings, of the enslavement of humans. So many years and this rag still flies.

    Bigotry begets bigotry and needs to be called out or we as a country cannot move forward. Jackasses like Trump who aspire to be president should be called on it and ostracized.

    On a lighter note, I just read over at Wonkette, D. C. that Macy’s has also dumped Trump- ‘Adios, P***!’. (Sorry, Martin, I know we are not suppose use bad language but that phrase by Wonkette just tickles me to death. Plus it’s a take on the book being promoted by that angry, white woman. She of the long, blonde tresses.) The post is very funny, indeed.

  6. I have always hated his shows where he loves to fire people. I also now live in a red state, Florida and have had it with abusive Republican employers. So, I have been inspired to write a new short story: Dead Boss Cemetery Dot Com.

    I just hope this is a wake-up call for Cubans too who have supported the racist Republicans for so many years.

    Que viva la raza!

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