coulter-trump1The recent headlines about the Charleston murders came at the heels of the latest politician attempting to score political points by blaming Mexicans for the problems in the United States. It reminded me of something I have wanted to point out for a number of years, when extremists go on television and attempt to present Mexico as the culprit in some dangerous situation in the United States. There is no shortage of politicians trying to score points by creating an illusion of dangerous Mexicans or a dangerous US-Mexico border.

Instead of looking to blame the problems in US society to the political scapegoat – Mexico, both Ann Coulter and Donald Trump should focus inward in order to understand the real problems that face the nation. The headlines that the political rhetoric creates focuses on a problem that does not exist. Mexico is neither the source of danger nor the source of terrorism to the United States. As a matter of fact, there has not been a single incident of a mass murderer in the United States that has originated from Mexico or is a Mexican.

Mexico is no more a danger to the United States then England is and yet the political rhetoric tries to make it so. The reality is that the Canadian border has been proven more dangerous than the US-Mexico border when it comes to terrorism. What is inconveniently ignored by individuals like Ann Coulter and Donald Trump is that the real danger to US citizens lies inward, in their own country, not from Mexico or by Mexicans.

Take a look at the following 49 (13 & 14 include two) mass murderers who committed their crimes in the United States. As you can see, you cannot find a single Mexican citizen. As a matter of fact, not one of these mass murderers have any connection to Mexico.

1. Aaron Alexis (Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC) September 16, 2013: killed 13 and wounded 3
2. Larry Gene Ashbrook (Fort Worth, Texas) September 15, 1999: killed 7 and wounded 7
3. George Banks (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) September 25, 1982: killed 13 and wounded 1
4. Mark Orrin Barton (Atlanta, Georgia) July 29, 1999: killed 9 and wounded 12
5. Carl Robert Brown (Miami, Florida) August 20, 1982: killed 8 and wounded 3
6. Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia) April 16, 2007: killed 32 and wounded 17
7. Scott Evans Dekraai (Seal Beach, California) October 12, 2011: killed 8 and wounded 1
8. Andrew Engeldinger (Minneapolis, Minnesota) September 28, 2012: killed 6 and wounded 2
9. Colin Ferguson (Garden City, New York) December 7, 1993: killed 6 and wounded 19
10. Gian Luigi Ferri (San Francisco, California) July 1, 1993: killed 8 and wounded 6
11. Robert S. Flores (Tucson, Arizona) October 28, 2002: killed 3
12. One L. Goh (Oakland, California) April 2, 2012: killed 7 and wounded 3
13. Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson (Jonesboro, Arkansas) March 24, 1998: killed 5 and wounded 10
14. Eric Harris and Dyland Klebold (Columbine, Colorado) April 20, 1999: killed 13 and wounded 24
15. Nidal Malik Hasan (Fort Hood, Texas) November 5, 2009: killed 13 and wounded 32
16. Ratcliffe Haughton (Brookfield, Wisconsin) October 21, 2012: killed 3 and wounded 4
17. Robert Hawkins (Omaha, Nebraska) December 5, 2007: killed 8 and wounded 4
18. George Jo Hennard (Killeen, Texas) October 16, 1991: killed 22 and wounded 20
19. James Holmes (Aurora, Colorado) July 20, 2012: killed 12 and wounded 58
20. Eric Houston (Olivehurst, California) May 1, 1992: killed 4 and wounded 10
21. James Oliver Huberty (San Ysidro, California) July 18, 1984: killed 21 and wounded 19
22. Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook Elementary, Newton, Connecticut) December 14, 2012: killed 27 and wounded 1
23. Jared Lee Loughner (Tucson, Arizona) January 8, 2011: killed 6 and wounded 11
24. Gang Lu (Iowa City, Iowa) November 1, 1991: killed 4 and wounded 2
25. Ivan Lopez (Ft. Hood, Texas) April 2, 2014: killed 3 and wounded 16
26. Steven Kazmierczak (Dekalb, Illinois) February 14, 2008: killed 5 and wounded 16
27. Michael McDermott (Wakefield, Massachusetts) December 26, 2000: killed 7
28. Michael Kenneth McLendon (Geneva County, Alabama) March 10, 2009: killed 10
29. Wade Michael Page (Oak Creek, Wisconsin) August 5, 2012: killed 6 and wounded 3
30. James E. Pough (Jacksonville, Florida) June 18, 1990: killed 10 and wounded 4
31. Patrick Edward Purdy (Stockton, California) January 17, 1989: killed 5 and wounded 29
32. Dylann Roof (Charleston, South Carolina) June 17, 2015: killed 9
33. Charles Carl Roberts IV (Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania) October 2, 2006: killed 5 and wounded 5
34. Eliot Rodger (Isla Vista, California) May 23, 2014: killed 7 and wounded 7
35. Patrick Henry Sherrill (Edmond, Oklahoma) August 20, 1986: killed 14 and wounded 6
36. Robert Kenneth Stewart (Carthage, North Carolina) March 29, 2009: killed 8 and wounded 1
37. Christopher Bryan Speight (Appomattox, Virginia) January 17 and 19, 2010: killed 8
38. Sulejman Talovic (Salt Lake City, Utah) February 12, 2007: killed 5 and wounded 4
39. Omar S. Thornton (Manchester, Connecticut) August 3, 2010 killed 8 and wounded 2
40. Byran Uyesugi (Honolulu, Hawaii) November 2, 1999: killed 7
41. Jeffrey Weise (Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota) March 21, 2005: killed 9 and wounded 7
42. Joseph T. Wesbecker (Louisville, Kentucky) September 14, 1989: killed 8 and wounded 12
43. Charles Joseph Whitman (Austin, Texas) August 1, 1966: killed 16 and wounded 32
44. Charles Andrew Williams (Santee, California) March 15, 2001: killed 2 and wounded 13
45. Doug Williams (Meridian, Mississippi) July 8, 2003: killed 5 and wounded 9
46. Jiverly Antares Wong aka Jiverly Voong (Binghamton, New York) April 3, 2009: killed 13 and wounded
47. John Zawahri (Santa Monica, California) June 7, 2013: killed 5

Ann Coulter recently stated that US citizens are more likely to die at the hands of a Mexican then an Islamic terrorist. She forgot to mention that the evidence clearly indicates that a US citizen is more likely to die from a US citizen then from a Mexican citizen.

Donald Trump, not wanting to be left behind, stated that Mexicans are “bringing crime” and are “rapists.” At least Trump did not equate Mexicans to terrorists but Trump also forgot the inconvenient facts that some US citizens are mass murderers intent on killing individuals that share Trump’s citizenship. This is just another inconvenient fact that individuals like Ann Coulter and Donald Trump like to ignore for their political rhetoric.

Of the 49 mass murderers I listed, not one is from Mexico. This is just another inconvenient fact glossed over by the political rhetoric that tries to make Mexico the scapegoat of all that is bad in the country.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

7 replies on “Mass Murderers Do Not Come from Mexico”

  1. There are no single mass murders committed by a Mexican murderer in the U.S.

    I didn’t hear their comments, but I believe they are saying that many murders and rapes are committed as a whole by illegal Mexican immigrants and some of them are repeat offenders of US immigration laws.

    Unfortunately most immigrants from Mexico are guilty only violating immigration law and are lumped together with the murderers and rapists. Which I’m sure the same could be said of other ethic groups.

    Trump and Coulter are nothing more than sidewalk strip joint hawkers. And the more you give them attention the more they hawk. Just ignore them, even US citizens do.

    Do a blog about contributions made by Mexican citizens in the U.S.

  2. It is important to point out, for the sake of intellectual honesty, though, that there are MANY mass murders committed by Mexicans in Mexico.

  3. Martin Moises Paredes,

    Will you tell us why the USMNT is better than Mexico’s side? What happened to Mexican soccer?



  4. Mara Salvatrucha or MS 13 and other gangs are coming here in droves. Again your dots don’t comnect, Martin…. You can’t be serious with this piece? Are you really trying to tie a gun control argument to an immigration argument by using one as justification for another as if to wash Mexicos hands of all guilt? Your reasoning is worse than the last “no more guns” president of Mexico…

  5. Tired of hearing the hype about gun violence in the U.S. no matter by who. About 35000 death are by fire arms in the U.S. each year. 60% of these death are suicides. If some one has the intent to kill them self they will find away. 3 % are accidences. The remaining are gang and drug crime related. It is estimated there are between 250 to 350 million legal and illegal guns in America about 101 per 100 people. Any one individual chances of being killed by a gun in any given year is statically minuscule. The chance of any one person being murder in any given year is also statistically minuscule. There are on average a little over 14000 murder each year in a country of 300,200,0000. Do the math. Sure murder and gun violence is bad no matter what but at least put in some real sane perspective. An individual on average has a far greater chance of being killed from services rendered by their local Hospital each year. About 350 to 400 thousand people are killed each year in U.S. hospital from preventable medical errors. An individual is more like each year to be killed by legal drugs. Over 100,000 people are killed in the U.S. by prescription drugs each year. Both sides of the once called drive by media now called fly by media because driving by was just to damn slow, are hyping, over blowing and have just gone insane hysterical over violence, gun violence and violent crime in America by any culture, race, illegal or legal. Most of are jails and prisons are filled up by majority none violent offenders.
    And who the hell really listens to ditzy blond like Ann Coulter that pander to the least common denominator of the U.S. population. She is a waste of ink and paper in the U.S. print media.

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