niland_cortneyCortney Carlisle Niland (incumbent)
Campaign Treasurer: Luis Gasca
Email: none
Telephone: +1 915 588 1289
Age: 41
Occupation: Incumbent

Candidate Informational Narrative:

Cortney Niland was elected in 2011. She is the incumbent for District 8. In 2011, there was a controversy about Niland’s use of an office as her campaign headquarters. Adam Frank, a principal in River Oaks reported donating the campaign headquarters as a campaign contribution after questions arose about the legality of River Oaks, a corporation donating to a political candidate. In late October 2014, Niland was involved in a three-way controversy with Ann Morgan Lilly and Lily Limon regarding the seating arrangement at the city council’s dais. Niland returned to her seat to end the controversy. In addition, in October 2014, Cortney Niland accused the city attorney of “overstepping her bounds” during discussions with River Oaks in a land annexation deal. Oscar Leeser told Niland to “respect employees.”

By the Numbers:
Total money raised $61,093.00
Total expenses: $34,172.83
Largest contributor: $5,150 from Dan Longoria as an in-kind contribution for two billboards
Total contributors: 112
Average contribution: $545.47

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  1. Interesting how this guy her manager is Luis Gasca from Morgan Stanley……how much does Morgan Stanley make on those bonds?

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