2015-30day-1Author’s note: Those that have being following recent political commentary at the national level know that the issue of campaign financing has been a subject of much discussion. As you likely know, El Paso has had its share of political campaign contribution scandals most recently with various individuals being sentenced to incarceration for “bribes disguised as campaign contributions.” Because of this, I believe it is important to follow the money, as the saying goes. For some time now, I have been developing a database of candidates and campaign contributions. I recently finished inputting the latest campaign contributions into my database.

I have been sharing some of the results with you in each of the candidate profiles and today I am going to start sharing more information from my analysis. Since I have finished the candidate profiles for District 1, in today’s installment I am going to present you some of my findings for District 1.

Tomorrow, after I publish the last candidate profile in District 5 I will publish my findings for that district. Next week, on Monday and on Wednesday I will publish the analysis for Districts 6 and 8 after I finish their respective candidate profiles. On Thursday, I will publish my findings tying the data for all four districts together. I hope that the data I am sharing with you is useful for your quest on deciding whom to vote for in the upcoming election.

Total campaign contributions raised in this district: $63,127.26
This district’s percentage of all monies raised in this reporting period: 37.78%

Ranking of candidates by contributions:
1. Peter Svarzbein $24,188.70
2. Bertha Gallardo $11,362.88
3. Albert Weisenberger $18,550.00 plus $10,000 in a personal loan
4. Richard Bonart $8,320.68
5. Daniel Lopez $705.00
6. Manuel Hinojosa $0

The five highest contributors:
1. Jack Winton $5,000 (Bertha Gallardo)
2. Woody & Gale Hunt $2,000 (Al Weisenberger & Peter Svarzbein, $1,000 each)
3. Stanley P. Jobe $2,000 (Al Weisenberger)
4. Scott Schwartz $2,000 (Peter Svarzbein)
5. Louise Alpern $2,000 (Peter Svarzbein)


Top ten contributor zip codes:
1. 79912 $28,098.56
2. 79902 $9,677.60
3. 79932 $4,681.80
4. 79922 $4,389.25
5. 79925 $2,350.00
6. 79901 $2,146.80
7. 79928 $2,000.00
8. 79913 $2,000
9. 79935 $1,820.70
10. 79905 $1,000.00

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “May 2015 30-day Report Analysis District 1”

  1. Svarz-muy-bien has done quite well, but he is a supporter of all these vanity projects, the trolley included.

  2. Uggg..
    I look at the top five contributors and I immediately wonder if the candidate would really represent the best interest of the constituents or the best interest of those top donors.

    I hate how cynical this freaking city has made me.

  3. Based on the money, it shouldn’t called an election but the crowning of the new prince.

    Unfortunately, the best candidate will not be elected unless the voters get off their butts and vote ! Voting is the only way to break the cycle of no representation of the people.

    It appears that the shadow government wants to ensure their bets are covered do they bet on the two that will become the figurehead.

    I can’t believe that they would support a candidate whose best thought was to push for a trolley ! Thank goodness, he didn’t push for a Ferris wheel and carnival merry go round, that would have clinched the votes.

    The other candidate, his claim to qualifications is that he’s a nice guy. Well, I guess that’s a little better. At least we’ll get a smile everytime we get the shaft.

    The trolley guy, well, nothing more than an unshaven carnival hawker ! One thing for sure he resembles Don Chicho (sp?) from the Godfather movie. The canoli guy.

    Anyone have a chimp that can throw darts, maybe he can make my selection. Don’t laugh, it’s probably a better vote than asking your nephew who should get your vote(el paso style voting).

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