davidk_apologyYesterday David Karlsruher posted an article where he wrote that I’m paid to blog. Unfortunately for David the facts are something that gets in the way of the fantasy world he lives in. I can tell you that what I write is not influenced by anyone paying me to write something but those are just words. However, unlike David, I rely on verifiable facts to state my case.

One of the biggest reasons that I left El Paso is because of the tremendous pressure put upon my client base to stop doing business with me. Individuals that do not like what I write did not challenge me with facts but rather they used economic terrorism to shut me up.

Sito Negron, who used to write political investigative pieces for various media outlets and now works as the spokesperson for Jose Rodriguez, basically, admitted to me that I had been “blacklisted” in El Paso. I already knew this because some customers told me so. Others just stopped doing business with me.

In fact, I believe one of my El Paso customers is currently under immense pressure to stop doing business with me. Then again, these are all words with no way to prove it to my readership. So how about I share some annoying little facts with you.

The two largest clients in my El Paso portfolio are the County of El Paso and the City of El Paso.

That is right you read that right, two of my largest clients in El Paso are the county and the city. These are facts that anyone can satisfy my veracity with a simple open records request to each of the government entities. (David, submit your ORR using my company’s name before you embarrass yourself even more.)

Therefore if you are to accept David Karlsruher’s statement that I’m influenced by who pays me to provide a service then how is it that neither the city nor the county influence what I write.

Clearly, I constantly write about the shenanigans at the city and the county. Yet, they are my two largest customers in El Paso.

Now contrast that annoying fact with the facts we know about David.

David has been proven to make up stuff when he writes. He was forced to write an apology in order to end a lawsuit filed against him. David has been forced to delete at least posting after he was told to in order to avoid another lawsuit.

But then again useful idiots like David don’t let facts get in the way.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

22 replies on “For David Karlsruher the Facts are Just Things That Get in the Way”

  1. Are you quoting yourself in an article you wrote? That is hilarious.

    Martin, nowhere in there do you specifically deny my claim. You just say you work for the city and the county – great for you. However, everybody knows who got you to come back and controls every El Paso specific post. Hell, he tells everyone that he owns you!

    As far as facts go – you didn’t even have a single one correct in the story about Lilly moving. In fact – you had the wrong person moving. So don’t be shaking a finger at me. Your “source” and benefactor needs to give you better info.

    I also appreciate you moving toward the facts when it comes to Leeds lawsuit that he dropped against me when it became clear I wasn’t scared, spending a dime and planned on making him go to trial. You used to say I lost, which was incorrect and you knew it. Now you are half way to the truth. You should know the definitions – you lost a lawsuit to Larry Medina of all people.

    As for Alshire – I just rubbed his face in it more when he tried to bully me. I deleted nothing. I enhanced what I had already written and it’s still there for the world to see. The ruling that just came down confirms what I wrote at the time.

    You shouldn’t get all worked up over this. If I was completely wrong, you would be laughing it off. Only the guilty sweat.

    1. I have never seen martin write an apology on his blog. David you have & just admitted alshire made you change your blog. From the peanut gallery that is 2 to 0.

      1. That’s because martin doesn’t care to correct his false facts. He’s either too stubborn or dumb to know.

  2. David,

    As much as you try to twist it, the facts are the facts. We both know that I do not sue you for lying because your mommy and daddy have been smart enough to insulate their assets from you. And, you have nothing that I can take from you with a lawsuit. That’s what makes you the perfect useful idiot.

    A lawsuit will only result in another apology. That’s not worth the expense of suing you across state lines.

    To be crystal clear I write what I want to write whenever I want to write it. No one, absolutely no one, pays me to blog.

    It is that simple.

    But don’t let the facts get in the way of the truth.


  3. On what grounds would you sue me? Why would you have access to any defendants relative’s money in any lawsuit? Do you have any clue what you are talking about?

    Call up an attorney and tell him that another blogger hurt your feelings. Tell me how long he laughs before hangsup on you. Your two lawyers in El Paso won’t touch it.

  4. David if I were you I’d go back to your blog and shut up. Coming to this blog only proves you are wrong.

    1. The fact that this blog takes the time to make me the subject of a post almost weekly means I’m right.

      I’m sure Martin would rather not have me embarrass him on his blog, but the guy paying him demands he take me on.

      1. Oh my gawd!!! I haven’t seen Martin post comments on your blog. How many times have you commented here? Who is the one sweating?!??!! Jeez David you are too transparent give it up already

  5. Hmm…Leeds nonsuited his case just before trial. That would imply that he was getting cold feet, no confidence in his case. I remember the Aleshire blog. I thought he looked like an ass and I don’t remember you backing down an in h.

  6. I want to add meaningful content to these posts. Sometimes my emotions get the best of me, though.

    I don’t know much about this young man, David K, except that his posts seem to lack maturity. They manage, however to be replete with naivete.

    I don’t take issue with his partisan alliances. It seems though, that if he claims to be a Republican, why is it that he takes issue with citizens challenging the elected officials? They don’t need too much defending. They have unlimited resources to defend themselves in the media, the courts and elsewhere, and all at public expense/ monies. Rather, he chooses to vilify the very citizens who do their job by keeping public officials in check. This is the job of the electorate–to be engaged and hedge abuses of power.

    Why David K chooses to prop up an already powerful political machine, I’ll never understand. He does not seem to grasp a philosophical ideology or thought process. He simply bounces around between whatever seems fashionable/progressive at the time and I have a hard time respecting that.

    I don’t like to judge too quickly but he seems like a dick.

    1. Vegas,
      What do you expect from someone who:
      Somehow receives a court summons for an expired car sticker
      Hires a bankruptcy lawyer to contest a credit card bill
      Proudly posts a picture of his kid playing next to an assault rifle carelessly leanly against the steering wheel of an ATV

      1. Yep it’s me,

        Do you ever question your decision to spend money to stalk me? Especially on Facebook. If I’m so terrible, why are you spending all this time thinking about me?

        And since when is contesting a ticket against the law? Or hiring a lawyer to contest an attempt to sue you for a debt you already paid? Should I not hire a lawyer when sued?

        You make little sense. I do hope your fixation on my children fades. You need help for that.

      2. “…..why are you spending all this time thinking about me?”

        DK, it’s because you are so entertaining in a tourist-hassling-‘superheroes’-in-TimesSquare kind of way.

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