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The Motives of Useful Idiot David Karlsruher

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11 Responses

  1. Carl M Starr says:

    Martin walked a fine line writing this, but its nothing new and held out as the American Dream and found everywhere… would either be a hypocrite or a communist to disagree with the story.

    I don’t know answers, I would think educating local disenfrancized contractors the ropes how to get their biz certified where they could bid gov”t contracts… could be a rotate system…Equal Fair ie every biz in El Paso engaged in the biz of the the needed city work…would get a shot maybe every year.

    A broad topic of the Ballpark, a ballpark supported by at least half of El Paso is a poor example to nail a guy on, a crisp cool Oct evening at the ballpark with a Hotdog and American Beer and all and a collective team spirt, its as American as Apple Pie, can’t really blame the DK family for supporting that.

    • Birdie says:

      It is hard to comprehend and support your “American Dream” of this ball-park when over half of el paso citizen’s go hungry.

  2. David k says:

    Martin… uh – you do know that the company changed their name in the recent past to restructure in order to better fit the services they offer. And CSA Design Group isn’t doing the work you claim. And we had much more city work from the city before I was a blogger. In fact – my blogging has cost us millions with the city.

    We actually have done city work since 1991 and my Dad didn’t start “CSA Design Group” then. My dad bought into a company and CSA Design Group was only recently formed.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg on this defamatory piece. You couldn’t even get the company name right or the details about how contracts are awarded at the city. You make the lawsuit so easy when you out-right lie about so many things.

    I mean – how can anyone trust this information when you can’t even get the company name right?

    Would you care to explain why you moved to Florida during the period all of your buddies were being indicted?

    • Birdie says:

      I am so very thankful for your informative article. Even if it steps on some TOEs. The DK family should not take this personal or making into something that it is not unless it has something to hide. The ball-park scam is obvious and supported by those big tails that reach very far in El Paso poly-tics.

  3. Eileen Karlsruher says:

    As usual Martin your facts are skewed and non existent. You failed in your research and your ORR was so limited in scope so you can give the “impression” that something illegal as happened. There is no “there” there.

    Eileen Karlsruher

  4. Patricia Martinez says:

    Martin, first of all, Darren and I were married on June 15th. Please update my bio.

    Second, I had no idea that I had the power to shift public perception to the tune of getting 75% of El Paso voters to tax themselves with 3 QOL bonds. Damn I’m good!

    Third, since you are so sure that I am one of the “useful idiots” who is going to get a job from the ballpark folks, could you please let me know how long I need to wait for that? I’m just an underpaid radio personality. I’d like to be a fat cat!

    Finally, after all is said and done, there are a few things to remember – City Hall is gone forever, Insights is gone forever, and next year, I’ll be enjoying a beer and a brat in the brand new ballpark!

    I love manipulating voters! THE POWER! THE POWER!!!!!!

  5. Anson says:

    This is the most ridiculous piece of tripe I’ve seen yet on this poorly researched, purely circumstantial, rumor-mongering site.

    First, you give far too much credit to El Paso bloggers of all stripes for their supposed ability to drastically affect the opinion of the electorate. I don’t know your traffic numbers or those of David K, but a look at the number of your Twitter followers indicates that less than 1% of voters give a crap what any of you think.

    Second, despite your nearly 3,000 words of self-aggrandizing drivel, you still don’t connect any dots except to say — twice — that the data you’ve dug up “cannot be ignored.” You neglect to mention that David K has lived in Washington, D.C., for years and never show any proof that A) David K has anything to do with his parents’ business, B) That the city’s award of any contract to David K’s family’s business has anything to do with David K’s blog, C) That anything herein was improper or D) That you understand what “pattern analysis” means.

    A truism for real pattern analysis is that correlation does not imply causation. As you repeatedly — and conveniently — disregard this under the banner that you are just a simple blogger and not a real journalist, the result is a website that so full of logical fallacies that it is hard to take any of the calumny you write seriously.

  6. Carl M Starr says:

    “The tort of “business disparagement” is essentially defamation per se directed at a business and where the plaintiff is a business.


    * False and disparaging statement (also called injurious falsehood),
    * That interferes with the plaintiff’s business and is aimed at the business’s goods or services, and is
    * Conveyed by the unprivileged publication by the defendant, with
    * Malice, and causing
    * Special damages, which are presumed.

    Notably, the principal differences between defamation per se and business disparagement concern the elements of intent and damages. As opposed to defamation, which merely requires some evidence of fault amounting to at least negligence, business disparagement requires something more, namely, malice.

    If a statement accuses an individual of personal misconduct in his or her business or attacks the individual’s business reputation, the claim may be one for defamation per se; however, if the statement is directed towards the quality of the individual’s product or *386 services, the claim is one for business disparagement. 53 C.J.S. Libel and Slander; Injurious Falsehood § 312 (2005).

  7. Birdie says:

    In essence, there is no defamation nor malice on this article. So stop trying to bully the Messenger. The DK family and friends of the DK and City/County close friends have let out the brood to go after anybody they consider an enemy for telling El Paso’s Money Secrets. Please continue to follow the money trail as it will not disappoint.

  8. Carl M Starr says:

    I agree there is no business disparagement which is about QUALITY of Goods or Service and Malice. Simple Libel etc does not have a Malice element like business disparagement , I think DK et al should just be glad they are not in the Restaurant Business….talk about bad reviews!

  9. John C. Karsruher says:

    I think you may have missed a few items. In any case, your wording is immaculate; your facts erroneous; your text is full of conjecture and unsubstantiated facts. The facts are:
    1. We run honest businesses that do not rely on local, state or federal government for survival.
    2. We have no influence over any politicians or public figures.
    3. We don’t put up with anyone’s BS, regardless of the consequences. If you lie, cheat or steal; you can rot in hell with our blessing. We will do the right thing no matter who it pisses off.

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