abbot_truthIndignant was the immediate response to Greg Abbott’s rhetoric calling El Paso corrupt. As soon as the words left Abbott’s mouth, the El Paso politicos, foaming at the mouth, circled the wagons to chastise him for daring to tell the truth. The problem with lies is that when the truth is uttered the reaction from the liars are indignant outcries of rhetoric designed to try and put the truth back into the bottle of lies.

What was the big lie that needed to be hidden behind a façade of rhetoric? Why, of course, it’s the lie that El Paso is the safest city in the nation. You see, the El Paso politicos, puppets for the elite, cannot have the truth emerge because the entire façade of “it’s all good” would come crashing down in a heap of reality.

Like children who were caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing, the El Paso politicos reacted by saying that public corruption is not isolated to El Paso. It’s like saying, hey don’t look at us because Dallas is also doing it, as if that justified the thirty-plus El Paso officials in jail, on probation or recently released from court supervision for public corruption.

Jose Rodriguez issued a press release and went on a media tirade, in response to Greg Abbott comparing border communities to Third-World countries. Funny how it’s ok for politicians to refer to Mexico as a Third World country but when it comes to El Paso, oh my God, we can’t have that!

Here is a little dose of reality for Mary Gonzalez, Beto O’Rourke and Jose Rodriguez; El Paso is corrupt. These three politicians and the others who have remained quiet for political reasons, especially their handlers, want you to believe the lie that public corruption has been eradicated from El Paso.

US Attorney Robert Pitman stated that public corruption in El Paso is far from over. In fact, he stated that the county has not implemented processes to alleviate the problem. At least two officials who have pleaded guilty to corruption have stated either that they are cooperating with federal prosecutors on new public corruption investigations or have been admonished to.

Public corruption investigations are still ongoing in El Paso.

As if that wasn’t enough consider that the biggest cheerleader for the El Paso lie, in response to Abbott, is Jose Rodriguez who hopes no one notices his own inconvenient truth.

Jose Rodriguez was the County Attorney at the height of the public corruption scandals in El Paso in the very same building where the majority of the corruption happened. Ask him how many cases of public corruption he prosecuted. Better yet, ask him how many cases of public corruption he investigated.

So excuse me if I question Rodriguez’ qualifications to chastise Greg Abbott for daring to call El Paso corrupt.

For his part, Greg Abbott is the other side of the political spectrum capitalizing on the ineptitude of the El Paso politicos to score political points in his quest for the governorship. The truth, Abbott conveniently ignores is that the border is as secure as a democracy will allow. Likewise, Texas’ little dirty secret is that it depends so heavily on US-Mexico trade and labor that it cannot reinforce the border more than it already has.

Of course, that reality won’t work with the Tea Party extremes and therefore Abbott must rely on his supporters’ own distorted reality in order to be elected. Likewise, the public corruption in El Paso is not a Mexican thing it is a Texas thing.

The thirty, or so El Paso officials recently identified as corrupt are all US citizens and officials in the State of Texas. However, let’s not let little things like that get in the way of the truth. Blaming Mexico for a strictly US problem is just part of the political posturing needed in order to be elected.

The Barrio Aztecas were bred, organized, supported and enabled under the watchful eyes of Texas officials. Guess what? Many of those who stood by and did nothing are Republicans. Again, let’s not let reality get in the way of the political posturing. Like the El Paso politicos, Greg Abbott and his right-wing cohorts distort the reality in their quest for power.

Lost in the political posturing is the El Paso electorate that so desperately needs government transparency, accountability and relief from economic pressures upon them. They are left choosing between extreme right-wing rhetoric castigating the border as the problem to all that ails the US, or continuing to elect politicos with their heads so deeply buried in the sand that their only notion of reality as the one delivered to them by those who control them.

And, you still wonder why the electorate’s response to an election is a sleepy sigh followed by a shrug of the shoulders as they go about looking for ways to continue living their lives in the reality that it’s not all good, contrary to the political pomposity.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “Greg Abbott v. El Paso: Who Cares About the Truth?”

  1. Another excellent article Martin….

    Just one thing though. You stated: “Jose Rodriguez was the County Attorney at the height of the public corruption scandals in El Paso in the very same building where the majority of the corruption happened. Ask him how many cases of public corruption he prosecuted. Better yet, ask him how many cases of public corruption he investigated.”

    Sen. Rodriguez will tell you that going after criminals was not in his job description. He will tell you that duty belongs to the district attorney. He will tell you that he hopes you reelect him to the Tx Legislature so he can continue to do great things for El Paso. He will tell you that DavidK is busy preparing a 1300 word response that will describe you as stupid at least 30 times and Max Powers is looking for pics of you drinking on the beach in Florida.

  2. Great! Let the chips fall where they may. We thank you for speaking truth to those who like to play hide-and-sick. We have known and it is rumored by the community the obvious on Rodriguez and DA’s office Esparza. We also see that they have been and are currently afforded protection by some powerful connection.

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