With a new political season about to get underway the political operatives are salivating waiting to be unleashed by their masters. I have written before about how the useful idiots are set free to prop one candidate while destroying another in their quest to get someone elected. As it is imperative that they keep their political shenanigans in darkness, lest they be exposed for their despicable actions it is therefore important that they keep their actions a secret. Eventually though, the truth does come out. Unfortunately, by then the results of their actions are long past and, except for the political pundits, their actions are largely ignored. I wrote about the Dee Margo Affair and how the political undercurrent intervened in his political future. By the time I understood the process, Margo’s candidacy was over. But the agenda-driven interference of the political process is the single most dangerous aspect of the future of Democracy if left unchecked.

El Paso is a clear laboratory as to how the political process is hijacked by political operatives working together to control public policy agendas by placing politicians in specific seats to control the public policy of the community.

No sooner had the latest political season gotten underway that the propaganda machine masquerading as a newspaper, the El Paso Times immediately opened the season of misdirection, character assassination and pushing forth the agenda of its political slate.

This singular event, relatively insignificant at the moment will, in the end, once it is too late to matter manifest itself into a clear example of how political operatives work in El Paso. As I am not a citizen and thus unable to vote, or hold office for that matter and the fact that I am not a resident of El Paso, or Texas, I clearly have no candidate to support, or endorse. However, I have seen first-hand the corruption and the complicity of El Paso politicians in facilitating the drug trade into the US that I have and will continue researching El Paso and its political shenanigans. Therefore I fully expect to be accused of driving someone’s agenda with my continued writings although at this point it doesn’t matter to me who represents any aspect of El Paso as none have any impact on me whatsoever.

Nonetheless, this first volley in El Paso politics by the El Paso Times: “US Rep. Gallego aide eyes Naomi Gonzelez’s Texas House seat” gives me an opportunity to both point it out to you and to start tracking the undercurrent from its inception all the way through the end of the political season. As the pieces begin to fit into place I will write about them so that you can track them as well.

I have already written extensively about the useful idiots and how they fit into the public perception manufacturing agenda and I have written numerous pieces about how the news media is either directly complicit or hoodwinked into acting as the voice for the manipulators. After tracking the El Paso Times, and particularly the previous and current reign of Bob Moore it is clear to me that the Times acts on behalf of certain individuals who are pursuing a clear public agenda policy for themselves.

I expect the El Paso Times to be front and center marching to the tune of the manipulators. Marty Schladen is the perfect tool to act on behalf of the agenda as directed by Bob Moore’s handlers. As I previously documented in Schladen’s gossipy piece it is clear that the El Paso Times gives preferential treatment to some politicos while it strives to destroy others. Case in point is the September 2, 2013 piece on Naomi Gonzalez’ seat where Schladen writes about how Cesar Blanco is throwing in his hat for her office.

Writing about Blanco potentially challenging Gonzalez is news and relevant. Unfortunately no sooner had Schladen started his article that his actual intent was made clear. Schladen quoted both Blanco and Gonzalez as stating that they both “heard that Norma Chávez – whom Gonzalez defeated in the 2010 Democratic primary – was also planning to run next year”. Marty Schladen then states; “Chavez didn’t respond last week to a request for comment”.

And this is where Marty Schladen clearly reveals himself to be a political surrogate for those manipulating the system. Schladen plainly lays out how the subterfuge works via his attempt at masking his ineptitude and lack of journalistic ethics. Here is the online commenting exchange between Norma Chávez and Marty Schladen plucked directly from the El Paso Times’ own online presence.

Marty Schladen responds to Norma’s challenge to him that she was “unavailable”;

“Norma: I tried to contact you last week via FB. You didn’t respond. You have my phone number. Send me yours and I’ll gladly do an interview.”

Norma Chavez then replies to Schladen:

“Marty Schladen really? Via Facebook? I missed it. In a message? I get dozens a day. I have never had a problem with any reporter getting a hold of me. You have my phone number, you have called me before but will gladly share it again.”

There are so many things wrong with Marty Schladen’s actions in his four mini-sentences that I don’t know even where to begin. But before delving into them I must point out that Norma Chávez confirmed for me that Schladen never attempted to contact her on Facebook. Although I am not a journalist, I nonetheless was able to contact her and she readily replied to my questions. So much for her being unavailable.

First and more importantly is how is it that a professional journalist relies on Facebook to contact an important subject for a story he is working on especially when the subject is a former politician who without a doubt has contact information on file at the local newspaper? As if that wasn’t enough, Schladen clearly does not comprehend that it is his responsibility to make contact with the relevant parties to his story. It is very telling when Schladen writes; “you have my number” to Norma Chavez.

Since when is the subject of a story supposed to initiate a call to the reporter? Isn’t news reporting about looking for the information rather than having it delivered to the reporter by the subject of the piece? Of course, if the paper’s modus-operandi is to report news releases then this makes more sense.

Unfortunately reporting news is not what the Bob Moore directed paper is about. Rather it is about “reporting” news that service Moore’s masters. This is clear by both the story and Schladen’s reaction to it. Notice how Marty Schladen first insinuates that Norma Chavez is “wishy-washy” and uncommitted to reclaiming her political career by stating she was “unavailable” to comment after the other two candidates told him they had both heard that Chávez was running.

The reader was supposed to be left with the impression that Marty Schladen meticulously sought Norma Chávez out and that Norma Chávez was unwillingly or unable to answer the question of whether she was running for office. In fact, when Schladen writes; “I’ll gladly do an interview”, he betrays that he had no intention of doing an interview of Chávez prior to his piece.

Of course an insinuation needs “legs” from where to enter the public consciousness and that’s where the useful idiots come into play for the agenda drivers. In this case David Karlsruher falls directly in line to further manufacture the political undercurrent also known as public perception manipulation. He jumps right in by commenting that Chávez “keeps promising she’s going to announce, but can’t seem to actually do it”. There is no doubt that more will come from the stable of useful idiots. The anonymous blogger goes on to build the negative public perception needed to add to the negative perception.

Of course Norma Chávez has her own operatives working on the social media vehicles. They were plainly seen in the online exchange between Chávez and Schladen. Keep in mind that Norma Cháviz is running for office, unlike Schladen that is supposed to be an observer rather than a participant, much less an operative for a faction. I’m sure all of this is lost in him.

The tag-team effort is designed to make it look like Norma Chávez is not a viable candidate. It is part of the concerted effort to flesh out potential support for the announced candidates while at the same time weakening those not supported by the handlers.

As you look closely you will see how the undercurrent about Norma Chávez is being created. The process is in its infancy and clearly Chávez has been designated as a candidate that the manipulators do not want in office.

As the process continues I, along with you all, will get to see how it works because for the process to work it has to be out in the open, although the perpetrators hope you won’t notice. This will be an ongoing piece as the manipulation continues through the election cycle.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Have to take issue with blog. Ms. Chavez is so open with her life she is on FACEBOOK more than most teenage kids. She posts like once an hour, to say good morning, to say goodnight, to post selfies, to post about her *****, and not to mention how she constantly is out of charge on her phone or how she broke her phone. I forgot to mention the occasional my Computer has been hacked again.

    Point being that this is a totally viable form of communication for Ms. Chavez, I have no problem with reporters attempt to reach via Facebook.

    Most important piece you really didn’t touch on is that she hasn’t officially announced, unless you count saying on Facebook. Oh my point exactly. She lives on Facebook.

    Note: This comment was edited by Martin Paredes to remove inappropriate reference. {***}

    1. The edited comment was “twerking” Only thing obscene or inappropriate is the thought of Ms. Chavez “twerking!”

      Please look up it up.

      1. I realize the word may not be offensive to some but it is to me. I normally will not get into debates in the comments section with anyone because I want the comment section to be a place where anyone can comment, state their displeasure with my position or agree with me. I write my piece and I want to encourage all of you to post your position without it becoming a back-and-forth between us. I want everyone to feel comfortable engaging without feeling like I will have the last word.

        Therefore I want to be clear, if I feel a comment is offensive then I will edit it, or remove it. You have made your point and in my opinion the word was unnecessary. In order for everyone to understand I will leave the word in place but I do not want it used on my blog in the context that it was used.

        Thank you for your cooperation,

  2. I would dare say that 100 percent of the blogs are controlled by political operatives. Including this one. I hope you post something about Tony Cobos, but I wont hold my breath. No offense intended, but I prefer to call it as I see it.

    1. Hello Brownfield:
      Thank you for your comment. I refer you to my other website: elpasocorruption.com, specifically to this page: Click here.

      In response to your question about whether my blog is controlled by political operatives I want to point you to the About page where I discuss the genesis of my blog. I’d also like to point you to two recent blog posts where I discuss why I blog. The first is “Tying Up Some Loose Ends” and “The Dee Margo Affair”.

      Thank you for your comments and for reading my blog.
      Martín Paredes

    2. I think in politics everything is about Operatives…that’s why I don’t vote and tend to stay to myself…life is held out as ‘Power and Influence’ but I would rather Fight the Power than be in Power.

  3. I appreciate the links. It doesn’t really address the issue. I understand you are angry as am I. However it seems to me you WERE linked with the builders and Bobby Bowling in particular back in the day. Allegedly Tony Cobos was one of his guys on city council. I was hoping that maybe you would do a write up about the folks in El Paso who were linked to Cobos, what agenda was Cobos promoting and who was behind it? That kind of article. My gut tells me that Cobos isnt really one of the bad guys in your view, am I wrong? I hope I am.

    1. Hello again Brownfield,

      At one time I considered Anthony Cobos a friend and I’m very disappointed to read that he acknowledged that he engaged in public corruption. You assume that I do not consider him one of the “bad guys” because I have not written about him. The fact is that he participated in public corruption. He has acknowledged it and so has the legal system as well as the local media. What more is there to write about? I write about those under the radar, those that the news media ignores or gives a pass to. Through my writings I try to connect the dots and expose them as I become aware of them. I don’t know what Anthony’s agenda was. All I know is what he told me. As far as connecting the dots between him and others I believe the public record is very clear that he was connected to some of the individuals who have already pled guilty so I see nothing I can add to the discussion. David Marcus supported Anthony as well and Marcus is diametrically opposed to me on almost everything. In fact David Marcus wholeheartedly supported Ray Caballero on many things. I think you are reading too much into the fact that I haven’t written about him recently. There are many things I haven’t written about yet because of the lack of time and supporting verifiable information. Eventually I will get to all of them in my quest to connect all of the dots. If you have information that you wish to share confidentially with me so that I can flesh out the details I encourage you to use the contact form on the about page.

      Thank you for your participation,

  4. This is ridiculous. Don’t you think it’s also a little childish for you to use Naomi’s mug shot when clearly you used Norma’s Facebook profile picture when Naomi has one as well? Seems like you are on the team of Norma on this one. She’s just pissed that Cesar stole the spotlight from her. This colum or piece is ridiculous.

  5. Even though Naomi’s mug shot was used, Naomi still looks 1000x better in that photo than Norma’s Facebook profile picture.

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