We are on a mission to build a news source where people like you (citizen journalists) can post the news they live and see in their neighborhoods without being limited by “rules” or editorial boards that stifle discourse.

The El Paso News is about you, the reader and the content creator. It is you who knows and understands the news that happens around you. It is you who can better explain it to the readers.

El Paso News Mission

Are you a writer? Do you create art, photographs, music, videos or other media? If you do then we want you. Our community needs you. People need to see who you are and what you want to share. You can become an author today!

What Do You Get As An Author?

As an author you get to post what you want, when you want to without waiting for approval from the powers-that-be or editorial boards with inherent bias. As an author you have access to the analytics giving you the details of how many visitors read the articles on the site, shared the site’s content and how your posts are doing compared to the rest. It is free to become an author and there is no approval process. Everyone is approved automatically.

The Rules

We want to be open to every view point. We want everyone to share their ideas, comments and content regardless of the topic or point of view. All are welcome. But we need to set a few rules to keep trolls and abusers under control.

  1. Pseudonyms are welcomed–just follow the rules.
  2. No personal attacks, someone’s idea may sound stupid, but don’t call that person stupid. Argue your case without attacking.
  3. Try to present the facts and citations to make your point when possible.
  4. Posts & comments which are not appropriate for this effort will be deleted. (see the moderator section below)
  5. No egregious profanity. No pornography. Keep it clean. The general rule is to keep it PG-13.
  6. No political bickering. Remember that there are usually several sides to issues.
  7. No selling products or services.
  8. Very few of us are grammar masters, grammar police are for other sites. That said, we encourage authors to check their work. You might run it through spell-check or have someone else read it. Remember that what you post is a reflection of you. We do not expect perfection but readers appreciate effort in your posts.

To help keep the rules in place, we have decided to create a board of moderators to keep our inherent biases out of the decision making process. The moderators will rule on posts and comments that are brought to our attention. The moderators must agree on what action to take on a post or comment before action is taken.

A Note About Copyrights

All authors retain the rights to their published works. Content posted on El Paso News should be cited as coming from El Paso News. (elpasonews.org)

Thank you to the El Paso News moderators for their commitment and time to make the El Paso News successful.

Let’s build the future of news together.

Want to be an author? Email your email address to: news [@] elpasonews.org or contact any of the moderators via email, Facebook or Twitter and we will set you up.

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