By Lupe Weaver, El Paso Metro

I am writing to support the Tigua Tribe known as the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo.  Why are you trying so hard to destroy what they have worked so hard to build?  In destroying the Tiguas, you hurt El Paso County.

Do you not understand that the Tiguas are part of the spine of this community?  The Tiguas have helped us in many ways.  They have given wheelchairs to disabled citizens, books to cash-poor families, day-care for working mothers and employment to hundreds of people.

You know the economy is going into recession around the country.  Well, it is worse here.  We have double digit unemployment as it is.  Our local officials increased taxes and our citizens suffer.  If you close Speaking Rock, the resources that were helping our community will leave to New Mexico and Arizona.

So, again I ask, why are you so insensitive to our situation?  Moreover, the history of this country is shameful in its treatment of our native citizens.  Do they not deserve to finally live in peace and prosperity?  Why do you not respect their sovereignty?  Have we as Americans not done enough to native peoples already?

I ask you to be understanding and demonstrate compassion for the native people and to El Paso.

Thank you for reading this letter, listening and hopefully understanding the impact of your actions on our area’s cash-poor citizens.


Lupe Weaver

Guest Author

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