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Donald Trump Back Peddles the Wall

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5 Responses

  1. JerryK says:

    Well, as I look at how the third world runs itself and the shit storm it is making for the rest of the civilized world, reviving colonialism is looking better all the time.

  2. Anglocentric says:

    Mexico could ditch the third world label entirely if it found a way to increase public health infrastructure enough to deliver potable water consistently and eradicate the diseases common in its poorer populations that developed nations have eliminated. When you drive along 1-10 and see cardboard shacks in Juarez, it is pretty easy to say third world.

    • Count de Money says:

      What about a couple of their Governors(one being the ex Chih Gov hiding out in El Paso) hiding from extradition for stealing millions. What about Carlos Salinas having his brother assassinate the guy running for Prez(Colosio ?) to replace Salinas ? That’s pretty fucking third world there too. Not to mention the Mayor having those protesters killed down in Central Mexico.

  3. Count de Money says:

    Cruz had a good comment. After we convict El Chapo lets use his money to build the wall.

  4. Pati says:

    El trompas is nothing but a show-off and signer of executive orders (EO) to fool his subjects that he is indeed keeping up with his meaningless promises.

    He made a big deal about some coal EO surrounded by miners, yeah because that EO was bringing back thousands of jobs to Appalachia.

    Too bad the monarchy does not see fit to designate those wall billions to help the people of Appalachia who live in shacks; no electricity, no running water, with outhouses lining the scenery. With no jobs, no health care, no education, the people of Appalachia have been discarded like garbage and forgotten. All they have is their hillbilly heroin. Ah yes, but they are ‘well hidden’ in these Sacrifice Zones so that Amerik³a may delude itself, negating their existence. “We are invisible” said the miner.

    The poor folks can longer live off the once fertile land. Their lands and waters have been polluted and stolen by the powerful mining companies who then share their ill-gotten wealth with the corrupt politicians. Potable water has to be brought in to the hollows and carried up to the shanties.

    How is it that the richest nation has all these pockets of third-world conditions?

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