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A Chill Between Veronica Escobar and Claudia Ordaz?

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3 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Vero ,the other local progress politicians and their supporters took a out right spanking from majority in El Paso on social media on their stance against chief Allen. Yes Sir a out right butt kicking. Now they only are left to fight with each other,try and shift the blame to any one but them selves. This is just to funny but it was about time for the chickens to come home to roost and the people of El Paso get a wake up call about their progress Democratic elected officials.
    Some times taking your elected officials out behind the wood shed for a good spanking can be a good thing! We need more like this in El Paso.

  2. Someone is watching you says:

    Escobar still doesn’t get it. While she expects the royalty treatment, people really like her nor care to hear anything she says.

    Everything she does is politically motivated. What’s in it for her. You are correct on both counts, it was a ploy and yes she wants to control the entire area. Is it in preparation for a state seat ? A federal seat if her crony decides to move on.

    I wonder why the dynamic duo are putting distance between her and them. Did they suddenly realize she has the Midas touch ? Is the perv advising them to get away from her, while he is busy kissing her tail ?

    I believe they are being cautious and doing the mob thing where they whisper to one another. It’s pretty obvious that emails are not safe and only the arrogant would not worry.

    As for the Russian connection and the Clinton hacking, we now have proof, so what difference does it make ?!!

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