Susie Byrd Agrees Taxpayers Should Not Know About Hospital Finances – El Paso News Organization

Susie Byrd Agrees Taxpayers Should Not Know About Hospital Finances

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4 Responses

  1. Pancho B says:

    Martin. While I tend to disagree that Ms. Byrd is the virtual “lap dog” of the County Judge (no disrespect by that term), I agree you are on the right track that Ms. Byrd’s salary is subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act. I believe you have a good faith argument to submit a dispute to the County Attorney (who is responsible for mediating such disputes) that the Children’s Hospital is, by virtue of its public funding and relationship with UMC, covered by the Texas Public Information Act. The County Attorney may recuse her office here, due to a possible conflict, in which case you should be referred to the Texas Attorney General. The Texas Attorney General should, if they are doing their job, require the Children’s Hospital to respond about the mix of public vs. private support for the Chidlren’s Hospital. If Ms. Bird is funded through some public funding or another, then there is a shot that the AG will force the Children’s Hospital to release the information. If the Children’s Hospital is smart, they will want to avoid a ruling on this (because if they lose, they could forever be subjected to open records requests if they lose) and just give you the information you are requesting,, which is in the public interest and you are a member of the media requesting it. Playing defense and hiding here is not to their advantage. Thanks for the investigative work for the public’s knowledge – Pancho

  2. Pancho B says:

    Two more thoughts. First, there may be value in pressing this issue. If you make your County Attorney/AG request on this, it will force the Children’s hospital to divulge their funding sources in terms of public vs. private funding. I suspect the insurance payments, medicare, medicaid, CHIP sources -even though they are “public” – would be considered private funding for purposes of this analysis. The AG will take a while to rule as well, so this will sorta be old news by then. Second, you should focus on how UMC is charging the Children’s Hospital. I keep hearing that the alleged debt is grossly inflated by Valenti overcharging the Children’s Hospital.

  3. Rotten Peppers says:

    No one. No one has explained why CH has to pay rent to UMC.

  4. Carlos Rivera says:

    Thanks for starting a thread that may open people’s eyes!

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