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El Paso: What’s another $250K Among Friends?

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5 Responses

  1. Javier says:

    Wow, Martin I didn’t think you had it in you to go after the “good guys”.

  2. mamboman says:

    My question is: How much money is available in the 2010 Electric impact fund, and how is the rest of it being used? The city should find ways to help nonprofits providing quality services to El Pasoans. Although the amounts being allocated here are nothing compared to those being spent on the ballpark and city hall baloney, it is a heckkuva lot of money to be given to a single organization over a period of time when most if not all of those city councilors will be long gone…even the $250,000 amount being proposed by Arriba was too much for too few, one, that is, in light of all the other good service organizations that are struggling. As for the campaign promises and the promise from Arriba not to solicit…gimme $1.5 mil and I’ll promise you anything! Limon and Robinson, how are you honestly and with a straight face, going to tell other organizations that come to you, pointing to this extravagance, “so sorry, we’re on such a tight budget!”

  3. Edith says:

    Mr. Paredes. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs about the political scandals happening in the city. This particular article doesn’t sit well with me, it didn’t have a full-spectrum scale of investigation that you normally include in your writing. There was no in-debt look at Project Arriba, the 2010 Electric Impact Fund, or maybe a look at why Limon and Robinson were pushing for this funding. Instead, there was heavy criticism on two politicians (one who has been extremely marginalized by the past “cavildo”). What is behind this push to give this non-profit all this money? You know what I mean? I hope you keep us posted on that! Looking forward to more great reading!

    • Hello Edith,

      Thank you very much for your kind comments. You are absolutely correct in that I neglected to provide more details about Project Arriba and the Electric Impact Fund. I am working on a piece on Project Arriba that I hope to publish in a few weeks. I’m trying to track down some difficult to get information and as soon as I have it, I think it will be very eye-opening for many. In the meantime I will strive to remember to offer more complete information on my future postings.

      Thank you for your support,

  4. Rod says:

    I’ve seen EPISO work the politicians for money and I’m pretty sure Project Arriba operates in much the same way. What you might look into is that I’ve never heard any of the groups receiving taxpayer money being audited to see how well the money is spent. Have any of the people ‘”educated” and given English language lessons found a job as the groups’ mission statements posit? Are there any paid executives in these groups and how much money do they make?

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