The recall failure was announced in a press release issued yesterday evening by Irene Armendariz-Jackson, the organizer of the recall against Cassandra Hernandez. Armendariz-Jackson announced the recall effort in front of city hall on September 8. The group had 60 days to collect a little less than 5,000 signatures from District 3 registered voters. The deadline to submit the required signatures was today.

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Armendariz-Jackson said when she announced the recall effort that Hernandez’ use of the city-issued fuel card was “a complete travesty and a complete abuse of power.” District 3 resident George Zavala, a disabilities activist and contributor to El Paso News. filed a complaint on May 26 against Hernandez for her use of the city-issued gasoline card. Zavala was prompted to file the ethics complaint after the City’s Financial Oversight & Audit Committee issued an audit report accusing Hernandez of misusing her city-issued gasoline card.

Irene Armendariz-Jackson collecting signatures at the Carolina Center during early voting, October 26, 2023, special to El Paso News.

After two days of testimony, the El Paso Ethics Review Commission issued a letter of reprimand to Cassandra Hernandez. The letter of reprimand is the third most severe sanction the commission can issue.

For her part, Hernandez responded to the recall effort against her by stating that she had three times being elected and was “proud” of her “track record,” arguing that as a city representative her work has resulted in “over $100 million in funding for District 3 police and fire stations, streets and parks.”

Hernandez was previously removed from office after a volunteer inadvertently posted a campaign announcement on her social media announcing that she was running for mayor in 2019. Hernandez ran in the November 5, 2019 election to regain her seat. Hernandez defeated Will Veliz, who had forced her into a runoff, with 53% of the vote.

Since 1980 there have been 16 recall attempts against city council members. All have failed.

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Although municipal offices are non-partisan, Armendariz-Jackson who ran twice as a Republican and lost to Veronica Escobar, a Democrat become an issue during the recall effort. In an email to his email list, Max Grossman disclosed that El Paso Democratic Party chair, Michael Apodaca issued a press release telling District 3 voters not to sign the petition. Apodaca did not have the authority of the Party Committee to issue the press release in the name of the local Democrats.

In her press release, Armendariz-Jackson wrote that the petition organizers “found the task of gathering the requisite number of signatures very challenging.” She added that Apodaca’s press release made the signature gathering effort “even more difficult.”

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One reply on “Recall Effort Against El Paso City Representative Cassandra Hernandez Fails”

  1. While what Hernandez, and her husband did, is disgusting. However, this Recall effort was doomed from the start. #1, Irene Armendariz Jackson, is probably the worst person to lead this Recall, or any Recall for that matter. IAJ has made some very bizarre comments in the past. Among many of her “greatest hits,” are: Calling El Strong a “Joke…and a Demonic Force behind it.” 2. Against Abortion, under ANY circumstances, including Rape and Incest (doesn’t believe that a woman has a right to her own body). And equates with an abortion as a sacrifice to the Devil! Is an incredibly STAUNCH supporter of Donald Trump and believes the 2020 Election was Stolen! Also, a staunch supporter of Kari Lake, another Election Denier. Produced an altered video showing her opponent, Veronica Escobar as a Pinnocchio growing nose…accompanied by mariachi music “La Cucaracha.” (the Cockroach). Falsely stated that our founding fathers were all ministers…(forgetting to mention that Thomas Jefferson was an atheist). Said that being a Homosexual is a Sin and an Abomination!!! Claimed that our country was based on a Biblical (read Christian) foundation. (Sorry all you Jewish voters). Tweeted support for Q anon, although wasn’t familiar with the word “Q-Anon.” Go figure that one out. But in Texas Monthly, July 2020, said that “the Democratic party is very much intertwined with the Satanic Church and aborted babies are used in Satanic worship. She described once driving BY by a condemned building in Omaha, where politicians and celebrities had sex with children.” How would she know? Who knows. Is against federal regulations for greenhouse emissions. And, doe NOT support funding for Ukraine. She is about as Far Right as anyone out there. In fact, she was Blocked from Facebook for spewing out False & Incorrect information. Although, has been reinstated. A worse “leader” could not have been found. And, honestly, for what? 12 more months till she gets termed out. A better case is Armendariz-Jackson asking for the $500,000 Trump still owes El Paso.

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