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First on tap.

Early voting is underway for the May 6 election. The most discussed ballot item remains Proposition K, the so-called climate charter amendment. The proposition imposes requirements on the city government to address climate change through city legislation. Over 5,000 ballots have been cast so far.

In other news.

Long-time anchor Estela Casas has returned to on-air news reporting at KTSM.

In national news.

Title 42, a public health law that allowed migrants to be expelled quickly is set to expire on May 11. Officials are preparing for an anticipated influx of new migrant arrivals at the border once Title 42 is lifted. Officials will now use Title 8 to process migrants at the border. The 1940 law requires a more formal process before a migrant is expelled from the country.

In other national news, Fox New fired controversial host Tucker Carlson. This comes at the heals of Fox News agreeing to pay Dominion Voting Systems almost $800 million to settle a defamation lawsuit.

Carlson was not the only host fired by a news network. CNN fired Don Lemon. Lemon made controversial comments about Nikki Haley on CNN before he was fired.

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