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El Paso News Week In Review Season 1 Episode 14 El Paso News Podcast

This week's headlines were dominated by the city's audit of the gasoline use by city representatives, the climate charter scheduled for a vote on May 6 and the lifting of Title 42.
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First on tap.

On Wednesday, Patrick Crusius pleaded guilty to 90 federal charges for killing 23 individuals in the 2019 mass shooting at Walmart. Among the charges that Crusius pleaded guilty to included hate crimes for targeting Mexicans during his shooting spree. Crusius agreed to plead guilty after federal prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty.

Crusius faces 90 consecutive life sentences when he is sentenced in June.

The state case against Crusius remains pending. No trial data has been scheduled, but state prosecutors have indicated they may seek the death penalty at trial.

In other news, former ICE Agent, Roberto Padilla pleaded guilty to bribery charges. He was sentenced to eight months in jail plus three years of probation.

In Las Vegas news related to El Paso, former El Pasoan Robert Telles is facing murder charges for the killing of a journalist he has blamed for his recent election loss. Robert Telles is the son of Raymond Telles who pleaded guilty to public corruption charges in 2008.

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