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This week's headlines were dominated by the city's audit of the gasoline use by city representatives, the climate charter scheduled for a vote on May 6 and the lifting of Title 42.
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First on tap.

As exclusively reported by us, Alexsandra Annello was accused of violating the City’s Code of Conduct twice last year. According to the two complaints filed against Annello, she was verbally abusive to two staff members.

In other news.

Council voted to decriminalize abortion on Tuesday. In a seven to one vote, the city council voted to restrict the use of city resources in investigating abortion cases in El Paso. A similar measure had failed last July when Oscar Leeser broke the tie vote against adopting the measure.

Let’s move on to political news.

In political news, Aaron Montes, reporting for KTEP, reported that controversial Village of Vinton municipal judge, Roger Rodriguez is no longer employed by the village. According to Montes’ report, the village’s city council did not reappoint Rodriguez. Rodriguez became controversial in the Yvonne Rosales controversy when tape recordings of Rodriguez seemingly threatening the family of Alexander Hoffman, a murder victim of the Walmart murders, were disclosed in court.

Yvonne Rosales resigned in December as El Paso’s first woman district attorney in a cloud of controversy.

And that is our news report for this week.

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