Welcome to this edition of the El Paso News Week in Review. We hope you had a wonderful week. This news week was dominated by Patrick Woods Crusius and ethics complaints against two city representatives.

Week In Review For January 27, 2023

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This week's headlines were dominated by the city's audit of the gasoline use by city representatives, the climate charter scheduled for a vote on May 6 and the lifting of Title 42.
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First on tap.

Only days after the federal government announced it would not seek the death penalty in the Walmart killings, the accused murderer, Patrick Woods Crusius agreed to plead guilty to federal hate crimes.

On Wednesday, the newly appointed district attorney, Bill Hicks told reporters that the state’s prosecution of Crusius will not happen until next year, “possibly in 2025.” It is expected that Crusius will face the death penalty if convicted on state charges for the Walmart murders.

In other news.

The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that Ana Maria Hernandez was arrested on criminal charges for defrauding 20 individuals of about $400,000 by telling them she was a federal employee who could help them with their immigration cases. Hernandez was also charged with impersonating a federal employee. She faces 20 years in federal prison.

Now, let’s move on to political news.

Two of the ethics complaints filed in the Ticketgate saga against newly elected city representatives Art Fierro and Brian Kennedy were dismissed by outside counsel who determined that the complaints did not show a violation of the city’s code of conduct.

Another complaint filed by Dora Oaxaca against Brian Kennedy accusing him of violating ethics standards by providing consulting work for the Sports Commission, has been referred to the city’s Ethics Review Commission for review.

And that is our news report for this week.

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Have a great weekend and we’ll be back next Friday.

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