Authors: Claudia Rodriguez and Adair Margo

On January 3, 2023, 4 members of City Council voted to repurpose $153,000,000 in existing bond money available for “Duranguito” in the Union Plaza District. They said the money cannot be spent here but must be spent someplace else.

Proposed MPC view.

The vote occurred before El Pasoans could see a feasibility study by the worldclass firm, GENSLER, requested by Claudia Rodriguez and City Council in April 2022. Claudia wanted to know if it were possible to both build a multi-purpose center and restore the historic buildings.


  • We invite you to join us and architect Jennifer Countryman, a member of the GENSLER team, to learn how this deserted, blighted area can come to life again by:
  • Restoring all 7 historic buildings
  • Adding a modern multi-purpose facility for indoor-outdoor entertainment
  • Creating a well-lit neighborhood that is safe and enjoyable
  • Increasing El Paso’s taxbase and economic opportunity downtown

It belongs to you, the citizens of El Paso, who paid $800,000 for it. Which of the two pictures do you want?

Meeting Announcement
March 16, 2023
9:30 – 10:15 a.m. at Countryman & Co. Architecture, 108 S. Stanton Street, 3rd Floor.

Come learn what is possible!
Claudia Rodriguez & Adair Margo

About the authors:
Claudia Rodriguez is the former representative for District 6.
Adair Margo is a former El Paso first lady and is active in the arts community.

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One reply on “Guest Editorial: MPC Feasibility Study”

  1. So, now the writers of this column want to suggest a way to preserve the culture while building anew? Really? Where was this suggestion years ago? At that time, the authors are their constituents were satisfied to silence anyone who didn’t agree with them. Never did they think their powerful circle of elites would be successfully challenged. At this point, I just don’t trust them.

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