Last week, a complaint was filed against Bob Moore and his publication, El Paso Matters, with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) alleging that Moore and his publication “are engaged in deceptive fundraising practices” and that his publication is being “used to support illegal activity.” According to the 115-page complaint, Moore has conspired with attorneys to remove an elected official from office – the district attorney Yvonne Rosales. According to the complaint, Moore is “illegally accessing information not subject to disclosure through the Texas Public Information Act” to produce reports against Rosales.

El Paso News has filed several open records requests with the District Attorney in recent weeks. We are still waiting on the responses.

The complaint goes on to allege that Moore “is politically attacking and conspiring to remove” Rosales from office. According to the complaint, Moore advised two attorneys on how to remove Rosales from office by using the “right attorney.” In addition to the alleged illegal activity, the complaint also alleges that Moore “unlawfully sat in the jury box, took picture of the families of the murdered victims while the Court was in session, and published the images of the families of the murdered victims, thereby endangering their physical safety.” The complaint goes on to list several other examples of Bob Moore and his publication “engaged in unlawful political activism.”

This is late breaking news that was just made available to the El Paso News.

These are not the first allegations made against Bob Moore for his journalistic malfeasance. As El Paso News has previously reported, Bob Moore has a long history of questionable journalism both at the El Paso Times and now at the El Paso Matters.

Long time journalist Debbie Nathan has previously chastised Moore for inserting himself into a story rather than reporting it as an observer of the events as journalists are expected to. Most recently, Nathan again chastised Bob Moore for doing “something bizarre and hardly ethical” on January 25, 2022. In her personal Medium page, Nathan wrote that Bob Moore, who “purports to follow the ethical standards of journalism” by “publishing an obituary that clearly was written by family or friends of the deceased” violated the principals of journalism. According to Nathan, El Paso Matters “falsely labeled” the obituary as written by staff.

The deceased was Jack Cardwell who “was intimately involved with other incredibly wealthy, Republican El Pasoans – including Paul Foster, Woody Hunt, and Bill Sanders.” Hunt, in particular, as previously reported by El Paso News has been instrumental in allowing Bob Moore to secure millions of dollars for his non-profit which is the subject of the IRS complaint.

In addition to the IRS complaint, at least two court documents have been filed in recent days alleging that “it was recently discovered that this conspiracy [the removal of District Attorney Yvonne Rosales] involves Robert ‘Bob’ Moore through El Paso Matters.”

In addition to this late breaking news, a four-year complaint filed federally has reached its conclusion.

Because of the complexity of the conspiracy alleged, starting tomorrow El Paso News will breakdown how a whisper campaign launched by Bob Moore and Veronica Escobar in 2018 to target a political opponent was used by them to create a false narrative. The whisper campaign will show how another whisper campaign is being developed currently by Bob Moore to deprive El Pasoans of their duly elected district attorney. We will then close out the three-part series with reporting on the legal documents filed in court alleging the conspiracy to illegally remove the elected official from office.

Stay tuned to El Paso News for this developing story.

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  1. This is exactly what Moore did with the fake cheating scandal of EPISD. Hopefully he’ll be exposed. But what news media in El Paso will report this? Wait, maybe that beacon of journalistic integrity will save the day. We’re waiting, Zahira Torres.

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