Joe Pickett, in a press release issued by him earlier this afternoon, has announced that he will not be seeking the district 5 city representative seat in the November ballot. According to the press release, Pickett stated that “there have been numerous life changing events” in his life “that led to the decision” not to run for office. Pickett also stated that he has been asked to service on the Mexican American Cultural Institute (MACI) and he has agreed.

The incumbent city representative for district 5 is Isabel Salcido. Salcido is seeking reelection in the November ballot. Salcido faces two challengers. They are Richard Genera and Felix J. Muñoz. Genera is a podcaster and Muñoz is retired from law enforcement. Genera runs the The El Paso Beat podcast.

Salcido has $34,492.75 in campaign funds, according to her last filed financial report. Genera and Muñoz have not filed financial reports and have not disclosed how much they have raised to date in campaign funds. Neither were required to file financial reports prior to today.

Today at 5:00pm, El Paso time, is the last day to file to run for city council in the November ballot.

El Paso City Clerk

Pickett said in his press release that he continues “to be disappointed with the lack of representation, not just in district 5, but almost city wide.” Pickett also announced that he “will be creating a Political Action Committee (PAC) for the purpose of supporting truth and responsibility to all El Pasoans, not just the few that have the ear of most of the council.”

Pickett has $313,392.54 left in his campaign account. It is likely he will use some of those funds to fund his PAC. Pickett added in his press release that his PAC “will be very active in the upcoming elections.”

In addition to creating a PAC, Pickett also wrote that he will be supporting “local charities and non-profits.”

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