Editor’s note: The following article contains language that may be inappropriate for some readers. It involves comments made by UMC CEO & President Jacob Cintron and Nico Tejeda, CEO of Hospital of Providence and forwarded to Cindy Stout, CEO of El Paso Children’s Hospital via a text message.

In reviewing pending open records requests we noted a text message exchanged between University Medical Center of El Paso (UMC) CEO & President Jacob Cintron and Nicholas Tejeda, CEO of the Hospitals of Providence. In the text message on July 12, 2020, Jacob Cintron refers to the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce mascot in sexual innuendo terms. Cintron was corresponding with Tejeda. The sexually-laden reference to the chamber’s mascot was forwarded to Cindy Stout, CEO of El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Screenshot of text message – best available copy

In the text message, Cintron wrote, “That’s you on the left. You know what it looks like”.
Tejeda responded, “Size to scale”.
Cintron followed up with, “With a little hat on top?”
Cintron continued, “No glove…no love.”
(corrected on November 4, 2021 at 05:30E)

Text message

In an email response to our request for comment, Jacob Cintron stated that “in a brief exchange with another hospital CEO that was forwarded to Cindy Stout, the comment I made regarding the mascot at the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was insensitive and inappropriate.” Cintron, added, “I have reached out to Cindy Stout at El Paso Children’s Hospital and Cindy Ramos-Davidson at the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and have apologized.” [2]

Cindy Ramos-Davison, CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, in a telephone interview today told El Paso Politics that she received an apology for the inappropriate comments from Cintron and Tejeda this morning. Ramos-Davidson added that “in today’s environment,” everyone “should be cognizant of the language they use.” [1]

El Paso Politics sent requests for comment from UMC, Jacob Cintron, and El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce board members, Monica Moreno, president of the board and David Candelaria, board member and KTSM TV vice president and general manager early this morning. Ramos-Davidson received the apologies from Cintron and Tejeda shortly after we sent our requests for comments to UMC.

As of press time, El Paso Politics has not received a response to our requests for comments from UMC board members, Veronica Carbajal and Anna Perez. We also did not receive a response to our request from EPHCC board members Monica Moreno and David Candelaria. We will update our article should we receive a comment from them.


  1. Cindy Ramos-Davidson, CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, telephone interview with author on November 3, 2021, at 12:09 Eastern time.
  2. Email from Ryan Mielke, Director of Public Affairs, University Medical Center of El Paso with comments from CEO, Jacob Cintron.

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18 replies on “UMC CEO Denigrates Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Mascot With Sexual Innuendo”

  1. As a woman I find this appalling! As a Latina I am disgusted. I would have been fired on the spot for comments like this. Bravo to Cindy Ramos-Davidson for pointing out language like this is wrong. But an apology is not enough the chamber board needs to respond to this both because it demeans women and Latinos alike.

  2. Sometimes you’re so stupid it hurts. Other times it’s comical. This is one where your stupidity is funny.

    Read your own screenshot, Cintron said’ “No glove, no love.” Not the other guy.

    This is why you have no credibility.

    Even for you that is pretty bad.

  3. OK, so it’s two guys talking about male genitals. Fine. Whatever floats their boat.

    But the real issue here is the fact that a CEO of a public hospital sending this filth to a female employee! What else has he done to her and others?

    Can’t let this stand and ignore the severity of the issue.

    Equally troubling is the total disrespect for Hispanic business owners and their employees.

    He’s gotta go. Get rid of this churro…..

  4. Imagine if a couple of high ranking republicans did this?

    There would be an uprising.

    Where are all the #metoo women?

  5. Jacob Cintron must resign immediately. If he stays after this episode, HE will sink our chances of convincing El Paso taxpayers to approve any future capital funding for the UMC.

    El Paso women voters and the Hispanic business community will surely punish the UMC for Cintron’s highly inappropriate, insensitive and misogynistic actions of he stays – completely unbecoming of a CEO.

  6. I attended the Women’s Power Resiliency conference yesterday hosted by Aliana Apodaca. It was amazing, El Paso has some very dynamic female leaders, always a motivational conference. Do they know about this? cindy was obviously the victim of sexual harassment here, but sometimes we don’t even realize it.

  7. Correction on your headline. It reads that Jacob Cintron “denigrates the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce mascot.”

    That is inaccurate. The real headline is that he is actually denigrating our most revered Hispanic Chamber – the institution itself and all of its members.

  8. The mascot is what? A burrito? I see the cancel culture mob is here in El Paso. Disappointing because I thought we were more grounded than, e.g., Portland.

  9. Jacobo’s disingenuous email response has Mithoff Burton’s fingerprints all over it. He’s not really sorry. This guy makes fun of everyone behind their backs. Glad he got caught. Thank you for outing this backstabber.

  10. L Wardy – Me too. Was just told about this. The establishment media won’t dare pick this story up. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. Highly complicit. In this case, it is clear that El Paso (doesn’t) Matter.

    Jacob’s PR hush machine on overdrive. They don’t want anyone to know and are hoping it goes away. They just better hope nothing else comes out.

  11. Jacob Cintron has demonstrated that he lacks integrity and is incapable of making good decisions. His attacks on the Hispanic Chamber and Providence Hospital are highly undignified. His conduct shows that he doesn’t treat people with respect and cannot be trusted to do the right thing. These are not the values we expect from the leader of our public hospital. What kind of example does his conduct set for his employees? The UMC Board needs to take personal responsibility for Jacob’s conduct and hold him accountable; just as he surely holds his own employees accountable for the same thing. Jacob’s conduct has highly tarnished the UMC’s standing in the community. This is outrageous.

  12. I wish people would leave Mr. Cintron alone. You don’t know all the facts so you cannot judge him. He is a good man. I am sure this is just a one time thing. He would never disrespect nobody especially women and hispanics. We need to wait for his bosses to tell us what happened. They are responsible for him and they are in the best place to look at the situation and make a decision. No sean malos.

  13. Further proof that the hospitals in El Paso are run by idiots. Although some are more idiotic than others.

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