This article was updated on December 13, 2020 at 05:30 a.m. The final unofficial results were added.

There are no two ways about it, Dee Margo was summarily dismissed from office. The early voting numbers were released earlier today. The votes are clear, Margo was repudiated by El Paso voters. The reason was simple, Covid-19. Dee Margo mishandled the pandemic emergency. In addition to mishandling the Coronavirus emergency, Margo damaged his chances of winning by insinuating that El Paso Hispanics were not the right kind of White people. He blamed the Mexican culture for the rising Covid-19 crisis infection numbers in the city.

El Paso Politics could find no other instance of a mayor in the nation that lost by such a large number.

Although the day’s tally is yet to be counted, it is impossible for Margo to get enough votes to make up ground. Early indications are that around 10,000 voters cast votes today. At best, Dee Margo will likely end the race with less than 9,000 votes in total.

Dee Margo was heard around town lately saying that he was going to win. He had no doubt, he told individuals.

The voters spoke loudly.

Their message was clear, no to Dee Margo.

Dee Margo’s political career ended with the worst defeat in American politics.

The race for City Representative 2, between Miriam “Judy” Gutierrez and Alexsandra Annello remains too close to call. We will update this article as soon as the numbers are in.

The Final Tally

Oscar Leeser42,895 (79.54%)
Dee Margo11,034 (20.46%)
City Representative 2
Miriam “Judy” Gutierrez2,692 (48.13%)
Alexsandra Annello2,901 (51.87%)
City Representative 4
Sam Morgan3,295 (46.10%)
Joe Molinar3,853 (53.90%)
El Paso County Unofficial Final Election Results

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  1. The worst defeat in American politics? Really? Does that kind of exaggeration speak to the quality of your other articles?

  2. A bit exaggerated but sticks to the true spirit of the win. El Pasoans demanded a change. It happened. True democracy controlled.

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