This afternoon, mayoral candidate Oscar Leeser announced that Veronica Carbajal, who finished third in the recent mayoral election, has endorsed Leeser for mayor.

Oscar Leeser issued the following statement:

“I am honored to have Veronica Carbajal’s endorsement for my campaign to become Mayor of El Paso. She ran a great campaign and on election day she had more votes than the current mayor! Veronica and I agree on many items and both believe that this campaign is not about us but the people of El Paso. Veronica’s endorsement statement highlights many of the opportunities to move our city forward.”

Lesser’s statement concluded, “We both agree that the number one responsibility to El Paso is to fight COVID.”

Veronica Carbajal Statement:

November 18, 2020

Verónica Carbajal endorses Oscar Leeser

“During the last year, our campaign earned the trust of the voters. We ran on issues that we believe are central to the lives of El Pasoans and the sustainability of our economic and environmental future.

I understand that this race was not about me. My race was always about making our City better.

I believe that our City can live up to its potential by prioritizing the following action items.

I am endorsing Oscar Leeser because I believe him when he says he will champion the following issues if he is elected as Mayor of El Paso,” said Verónica Carbajal, former candidate for Mayor of the City of El Paso.


Spending the state and federal funds the City has received as quickly as possible on directly preventing
the spread of COVID.

This includes spending money on testing, informing the public clearly, and supporting small businesses and residents.

Transparent and Fair City Governance

Scrutinizing the budget and prioritizing spending on services that benefit our people, not special interests.

Drawing back the power given to the City Manager to ensure that the Manager works for the elected officials and not the other way around.

Responding to community groups and the media in a timely fashion and providing opportunities for participation in City plans and their implementation.

Environmental sustainability

Creating a Blue-Ribbon Committee tasked with having a working session with environmental leaders within the first 90 days of the new administration.

Rejecting the use of eminent domain

Considering making long-term investments, such as transitioning the City’s building and lighting infrastructure to solar energy and other energy-saving measures.

Economic sustainability

Using 2012 bond funds responsibly, including for a stand-alone Mexican American Cultural Center, and incorporating the performing arts and entertainment center into improvements to the Abraham Chavez Theater and the Convention Center.

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  1. Well of course the losers are going to support the remaining challenger, not the incumbent. If Ms. Carbajal supported the current mayor, she wouldn’t have run against him. The endorsement means nothing.

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