Samuel L Williams Jr

Okay folks, after my last writing some “things” have come about. The real Bankruptcy was discovered and the information was on dates, address, which state was given.

There’s has also been a question about his “Special Forces” claim per his “story” while “attached” to an infantry unit in El Salvador and Honduras in the 80’s. When questioned about it and an Afganistan Veteran who brought it up Williams states that Army Regulations had changed during Desert Storm. Here’s the issue he went from the 80’s to the 90’s two distinctly different eras.

Now I’m not any type of Military expert on Army regs, but to bounce from one era to another, something smells a tad hinky.

Thus this brings up the issue of “Stolen Valor” which is any individual Civilian or prior military who knowingly wears any military Military ribbons, badges or device that they did not rate or earn. Stolen Valor becomes a crime if you run for office and win the seat and recieve a “paycheck” based on false claims while running for office.

Block 14 of Williams Discharge

Another issue that is a concern. The picture above is part of Williams DD214 of discharge papers. You will see two Non-Comissoned Officers courses one six week course in 2007 once he made either E6/E9 and his basic Non Commissioned Officer course. These course are designed to make you an effective leader, to be a motivator/mentor to your subordinates. It would appear that Williams has forgotten about those periods of instructions.

Over the past 72 hours Williams for Congress Facebook page has gone from informative to down right nasty, berating individuals much like Williams has done throughout his campaign.

What has been done since the Special Forces claim? Interesting enough there’s an audio clip of Williams discussing this very claim and the specific regulations behind it. Williams has stuttered and stammered throughout the clip. Also an immediate letter writing campaign has begun in earnest not only local but Nationally. Letters and phone calls have been and continue to be made to Ft Bragg and recent talks with key individuals Ft Bragg is doing their due diligence.

In closing Williams campaign has been the ultimate in low class dirty dealing. Williams has had every opportunity to Capitulate and been urged to do so by Veterans so as not to embarrass himself any futher, he has refused to do so. Below is a sample of the letter being sent to Ft Bragg. Whether or not you are a Veteran we owe it to those who have outright earned that specific title to let the “powers that be” know what is going on. Have a good Sunday!!! As always Love, Peace and Taco Grease!!!


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