Chuck Taylor,

Political Action Tanka

Months you haven’t worked. 

Demonstrators march through the

streets. Statues could go.

Why not melt them down, sell the 

metal, buy something to eat?

Chuck Taylor,


for El Paso

A city you can love like a woman

You are entranced by the pulsing of her arteries

The stars overhead are her eyes

and the mountains to the east her luscious tresses

She is new to you and you wish to make love

to this city all the time

The words you hear in her galleries suggest

the way to hold her in your arms

Remember how you were once in love

and wrote poem after poem?

Other cities you have loved

but this is like first love

There have been no fights with this city

and you’re so in love

you don’t see the potholes or the politics

all your life you have moved

from city to city seeking bread and love

and in the end you have had your quarrels

but each city made you happy

You will remember this poem

This poem is marked for you

Refer to it when you lose faith

Cities make you happy

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