A Minneapolis man George Floyd, who was handcuffed and pleaded for air as a white police officer pressed a knee on his neck.

On Friday June 5th, local El Paso Pastors issued a message calling the murder of George Floyd an inexcusable tragedy.

Pastor Eddie Sinegal, founder of Northeast Bible Restoration Church hosted a press conference with local pastors and community members.

The vision of his press conference was to remind us, we are El Paso Strong, we want to lead by example and come together as citizens to mourn with who mourn and rejoice when others rejoice says Sinegal.

Bishop Harrison Johnson, who attended the press conference to stand in solidarity and speak for those who don’t have a platform. ‘Here we are again, how many times are we going to come together.

All things work together for our good, This situation brought us together again. When I see a police officer pass by me I get nervous. As a black man I will still loosed my life even when I follow directions with the police.

Pastors and community members who attended Friday press conference are demanding a seek of influence at the table of discussion.

In a couple of weeks a peaceful rally will be taking place to put a end of police brutality, for more information please contact Northeast Bible Restoration Church (915) 307-6650 or http://www.northeastbiblerestorationchurch.org