Last week, the Texas Democratic Party held elections for several offices in the runup to the November national elections. Because of Covid-19 concerns, the convention and the votes were held virtually. El Paso, which is in SD 29, elected several party stalwarts. Among several known candidates was Jaime Abeytia, a party operative with a criminal history.

Because of the nature of the virtual selection process, Jaime Abeytia put together and emailed a video asking for votes. The following day, after significant Facebook posts exposing Abeytia’s criminal record, Abeytia took down the video.

Notably, Jaime Abeytia included some interesting dialog in the video asking for votes. Here are a few cuts:

Selected Cuts From Jaime Abeytia’s May 18, 2020 video

As some readers may know, Jaime Abeytia has an extensive criminal record over many years.

Readers can download the complete criminal dossier on Abeytia by following this link. (link) Click on the download button to read the full dossier.

Jaime Abeytia ran for two offices. The Credentials Committee and the Nominations Committee. Each ballot allowed voters to make three selections for each office. Each were labeled “First Choice,” “Second Choice” and “Third Choice”. Each candidate was allocated points based on the vote and its position – first, second and third.

The following is a PDF of El Paso party members and the votes they cast for each of the two committees Abeytia was running for. Those who voted for Abeytia are in red boxes.

Ultimately, Raquel Rojo was elected to the Credentials Committee for SD29. Elisa Tamayo was elected to the Nominations Committee for Party Officers.

Three other offices that were also up for contention were the Platform Committee, Resolutions Committee and the Rules Committee.

Anthony Gonzalez was elected to the Platform Committee. Xavier Miranda was elected to the Resolutions Committee. For the Rules Committee, Adrian Ordóñez was elected.

Jaime Abeytia was not elected for either office he was running for. For the Credentials Committee, Abeytia received 37 votes, out of 449 votes cast. (each ballot can place three candidates for the same office) For the nominations committee, Abeytia received 20 votes out of the 449 possible votes.

It is notable that considering Abeytia’s criminal record that some El Paso party members would consider Jaime Abeytia as representative of the values of the Democratic Party.

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