The world is full of shysters always looking for a quick buck to make. The why let a good pandemic go to waste is what is driving today’s shysters. Unless you are literally living under a pile of rocks then you have seen the many videos and ads for masks and quick “remedies” for the pandemic. Some people have literally consumed bleach because someone told them it cures the coronavirus. Let that sink in for a moment – drinking bleach to cure a virus.

Like get-rich-quick shysters there are always people peddling conspiracy theories about everything. A conspiracy, by its nature, is both unprovable and goes against the established dialog. Not all conspiracies are wrong although most are because they are driven by money and not for illuminating the truth.

There is nothing inherently wrong with conspiracy theories as that is how we get to the truth. The problem is the lack of critical thinking among Americans. The black man was wrong because he ran from the cops or the teacher is a liar or all immigrants are illegal is part of the discussion because people take what is uttered via the internet or by the news as the gospel truth.

Drinking bleach to cure the Covid-19 disease is proof of the lack of critical thinking in America.

Some readers are likely snickering thinking that only a few have consumed bleach. These same readers have taken the demand to stay home or argue that states open back up again without giving the economic disaster the virus has caused, a second thought.

Sure many feel it in their wallets and many have lost their jobs but few, if any, are focused beyond tomorrow. For example, few have considered what happens to the jobs that are lost because many companies do not open back up when the shelter-in-place orders are lifted. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy (Neiman Marcus), are teetering on financial disaster (Children’s National Hospital) because even in the medical field many are finding out that the economy is unsustainable as it stands or are reevaluating their reopening strategies.

Basically, many Americans live in the now and fail to critically think about what they see or hear.

Therein lies the driving force behind the Plandemic teaser video making the rounds on social media.

The premise of the teaser is that Covid-19 is an extension of a decades-long conspiracy to gain control of people by imposing restrictions and immunizations on them to both control the populations and make money for pharmaceuticals.

Clearly the pharmaceuticals are about making money and not about making people healthy. The sicker the people the more money for pharmaceuticals there is.

But a pandemic conspiracy requires much more than a virus. It requires many people and governments to play a part in the conspiracy, often adverse to their self-interests. Many news outlets have discredited Judy Mikovits, the protagonist in Plandemic. Readers should Google her name to critically think about the conspiracy she is peddling.

But for those readers not interested in researching the driving force behind Plandemic – money – there is an important element to add to the dialog.

The reelection of Donald J. Trump.

The worst thing that could have happened to Donald Trump in 2020 is the pandemic. It comes down to “it’s the economy stupid”.

It is well-known that U.S. elections are won on the state of the economy. If Americans feel good about the economy, they keep the party in place. If they are fearful about their economic situation, they replace the party in charge.

In case readers haven’t noticed, the American economy is a disaster. Unemployment is the highest it has ever been with many equating it to the Great Depression. The stimulus packages have been a disaster.

And Donald Trump is about optics.

With his back to the proverbial wall, do you really believe that Donald Trump will let a decades-old conspiracy define his legacy?

Clearly, a decades-old conspiracy is impossible in the age of Trump because there are enough Trump Kool-Aid drinkers – no not the bleach drinkers – but the bonafide Kool-Aid drinkers willing to do what it takes for their master – Donald Trump to remain king.

For the readers that share and find truth in Plandemic the only thing they need to understand is that the Plandemic conspiracy hurts Trump and thus it is a lie peddled to make money for Mikovits and cohorts. Thus, it is but a conspiracy without basis.

Like some shysters believe, why let a good pandemic go to waste.

Caveat emptor.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...