By Dr. Miguel Juárez

On March 1st I ran into former El Paso Times Editor Bob Moore at a Press Conference at L&J’s Cafe in Central El Paso. I have known Bob for many years. I went up to him and asked him if he planned to include art and culture in his publication El Paso Matters and he told me he wasn’t. He suggested it would be a great opportunity to create a publication to cover those topics, Artist Diana Molina, a member of the Juntos Art Association, also asked Moore if he was going to include art in his publication at the recent Media Forum at the El Paso Public Library. He told her, he wasn’t. I would like to thank Bob for his great suggestion to fill the void.

There is no better place to start than in El Paso, El Chuco, the Gateway, the Pass of the North.  El Paso is on the U.S./Mexico border amid the constant flow of ideas. El Paso is ground zero for global immigration, human rights, and political, social, cultural, environmental issues, and we want you to be a part of it—think globally, act locally. 

You might ask yourself, “Why would I want to publish in El Paso News?”  Know that we strive to be a lightning rod for ideas and movements.  We are something very different and that difference is our strength.  We strive to be a collective of opinions and viewpoints.

We are also inviting artists, writers, filmmakers and everyone who wants to share their creativity and ideas with the world to join us. It doesn’t have to be just words, it can be images, sound files, videos, 3D videos, whatever media you think we should feature.

Our current environment now makes it possible for us to connect globally. We want El Paso News to be the place for you to speak your truth.  We want personal stories of your locale tied to the bigger issues we are facing.  Let us know what is happening where you are because we can all learn from you.

Many of us have waited long enough to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  Right now your voice is needed. Please consider joining us.  Now is the time.

Miguel Juarez

Miguel Juárez was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. He is a multi-disciplinary scholar, artist and Paseño (El Pasoan) and the Editor at El Paso News. He has an Master of Art degree in Library Science...

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