Yesterday we looked at what I have dubbed the toilet paper economy. In my post I opined that the hoarding of toilet paper signifies that U.S. consumers have lost confidence in the economy. But as I contemplated this some more, it became obvious to me that it all leads back to Donald Trump.

Americans have proven themselves to be resilient. During times of emergencies they hoard foodstuffs, medicines and some consumables to help them sustain themselves until the government can respond to the emergency. Even during the 9/11 terrorist attacks Americans hunkered down and weathered the chaos as the government responded to the emergency.

Hoarding toilet paper is something that I haven’t seen before. According to news reports, Americans hoarded toilet paper in 1973. I don’t remember why but according to news reports, the hoarding of toilet paper was led by a government announcement of a potential shortage of toilet paper and a Johnny Carson joke.

One need not look further than the oil (energy) crisis and the Watergate scandal that was going on at the time to understand why Americans felt the need to hoard toilet paper then.

But as you look around there is no other toilet paper crisis around the world, except for maybe the British who tend to react to American fears. So, what does the toilet paper crisis mean?

It is simple.

Americans have lost confidence in their governments’ ability to deal with the crisis of the Corona Virus.

Like everything else, leadership starts at the top. As such, it is Donald J. Trump who has created America’s loss of trust in its government.

Some readers will likely argue that today’s post is from an Anti-Trumper, which is so. But the facts remain clear. For example, Fox News is divided on the pandemic. Sean Hannity, like Trump, argues that it is hype intended to cost Trump his reelection. At the same, Trump supporter Tucker Carlson has blamed the bureaucracy for not taking the issue seriously.

Likewise, many of Trump’s supporters are concerned. Hence, the toilet paper hoarding.

Trump’s supporters expect him to correct the economy. They elected a fighter. Trump’s failures on the economy will translate to voters abandoning the Trump movement.

The run on toilet paper can only be blamed on the loss of confidence by the American people in their government. Meaning that the American people do not believe that Donald Trump can guide the nation through the Corona Virus crisis.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...