Earlier this month we sent out a request to local Democrat candidates running in contested races for the upcoming March 3 election to respond to a set of questions we posed to them for our voter guide. (link)

We asked the candidates to respond no later than February 9, 2020.

We identified 36 local Democrat contested races. Of those, we did not have email addresses for two candidates. There are: Sergio H. Enriquez and Karen Dykes. We sent 34 emails to the addresses we had on file for the candidates. Of those, two emails were returned to us as undeliverable (bounces). The emails that bounced back to us were for: Angie Juarez Barill and Elica Garcia.

In total, we received responses from seven candidates, or 22%.

Here is the list of the candidates that responded to our questions. We will be publishing their answers to our questionnaire in the coming days. Next to their names is the date their candidate profile is scheduled to be published.

Yvonne Rodriguez – Thursday, February 6
Lyda Ness Garcia – Friday, February 7
Abe Gonzalez – Monday, February 10
Octavio A Dominguez – Tuesday, February 11
Yvonne Rosales – Wednesday, February 12
Ivan Niño – Thursday, February 13
Iliana Holguin – Friday, February 14

Marlene Gonzalez – Monday, February 17 (we inadvertently overlooked Marlene Gonzalez on our original list of candidates. She submitted the questionnaire on February 10, 2020 and we added her to the schedule) [edited on February 11, 2020]

Here is the complete list of contested Democrat races we identified that did not respond to our questionnaire:

State Representative District 76

  1. Claudia Ordaz Perez
  2. Elisa Tamayo

Chief Justice 8th Court of Appeals District

  1. Yvonne Rodriguez

District Judge 346th Judicial District

  1. Paty Baca
  2. Ruben Nuñez

District Judge, 383rd Judicial District

  1. Patrick Bramblett
  2. Lucila Flores

District Judge 388th Judicial District

  1. Ricardo (Rick) Rios
  2. Laura Strathmann

Criminal District Judge, El Paso County Number 1

  1. Octavio Dominguez responded

District Attorney, 34th Judicial District

  1. James Montoya
  2. Roger Montoya

County Criminal Court At Law No. 4

  1. Jesus R. Herrera
  2. Jessica Vazquez


  1. Carlos Carrillo
  2. Ronald Martin Jr.
  3. Raul A. Mendiola
  4. Richard Wiles

County Tax Assessor-Collector

  1. Ruben P. Gonzalez

County Commissioner Precinct 3

  1. Vincent “Vince” Perez
  2. Eduardo Romero

County Constable Precinct 2

  1. Jeremiah Martin Haggerty
  2. Danny T. Zamora

County Constable Precinct 4

  1. Luis “Louie” Aguilar
  2. Louie Medina
  3. Miguel Rico

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