Most of my life I have heard how great the American legal system is. It is a fair system. It is the best system in the world. The rule of law rules. Those are the common comments I am told when discussing Mexico’s rising violence and narco influence. Each time I just shake my head.

The American legal system I have come to understand is a legal system where rules and laws are fluid. It is a system where one jurisdiction says one thing, and another say another. It is a system where two sets of rules exist. It is a system where money rules.

Some Americans argue that the lack of the rule of law is why Chapo and other drug dealers can ply their illicit trades. Chapo is in an American jail. Sounds all good. Yet, Chapo’s money and notoriety is still in play. Chapo’s American wife has trademarked Chapo’s likeness/name to sell thing to make money. The thing about Chapo’s wife is that a U.S. court system had enough evidence to limit her access to Chapo so that she could not help him escape from prison again. Evidence presented in a U.S. courthouse showed Chapo’s wife heavily facilitating Chapo’s escape from jail. The evidence also showed Chapo’s wife heavily involved in Chapo’s business.

Yet, Chapo’s wife lives in the U.S. unimpeded making money off Chapo while he sits in jail.

It is one of many cases that can be pointed put. But for many, the technicalities or lack of details make it difficult to argue what a joke the U.S. legal system is.

The impeachment of Donald J. Trump adds to the argument as to why the U.S. legal system is such a joke.

Forget about whether Donald J. Trump did something that merits impeachment. Forget that it all might be a hoax. Because the truth is that it is all a joke to begin with.

There is a central argument going on in the impeachment trial. It is whether the Senate should hear from witnesses.

One side of the debate argues that it was the House’s responsibility to deliver the witnesses to the Senate. The second is the argument on whether witnesses are required to decide on, arguably the most important case today, the impeachment of a sitting president, are necessary.

The joke of a judicial system is whether witnesses are needed to decide the facts.

Let that sink in for a moment. There are those arguing that to make the monumental decision of whether the U.S. president conspired with an enemy of the country does not require them to listen to the witnesses that can answer the unsettled questions.

According to them, it is not important to hear what first-hand witnesses have to say because it does not matter. See the joke?

But it is about process some will argue.

Therein lies the fundamental proof that the U.S legal system is a joke. Someone with resources or activist lawyers can muddle the legal waters so much that determining facts are impossible to attain. Arguments that the law says one thing while the other side argues it says something else makes the U.S. legal system a system of arguing the law into muddied waters.

The sky is blue one side argues while the other argues that it is purple does not make a legal system. Worse, as the parties are arguing on muddied waters, the system creates a place where the muddied waters aren’t cleared up but muddied even more as the sides abuse the legal system up the courts to get rulings supporting their argument.

Why is that bad?

Because it creates a two-tiered system where those with power and/or money are treated differently and those without either languish in jail even when they are innocent.

Clearly, the U.S legal system is a joke and Donald J. Trump proves this point.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...