I am so engrossed in the ongoing political shenanigans that often times I do not realize how little important information trickles down to everyday people. It seems that voters are too focused on providing for their families and being part of their families that they have little time to follow the complex world of politics.

That is why people that should not be elected get elected. Voters just do not have the time to follow all the political shenanigans.

I had thought about writing about another topic today, but three things intervened to make this the post the one that needed to be made. Believe it or not, Claudia Ordaz, Donald Trump and even disgraced blogger Jaime Abeytia, and even Veronica Escobar are coming together in one post. I shouldn’t be surprised because the nexus is corruption.

I was reminded about how important information is lost in the noise of more important life things when my quick post about the ethics problems surrounding Claudia Ordaz suddenly took on a life of its own. As many readers may note, I, along with others recently relaunched the El Paso News (link) as a place where activist journalists can write about important things without having to go through gatekeepers telling them what is important or acceptable and what is not.

Claudia Ordaz

My post about Claudia Ordaz was a compilation of the many ethical problems she has had. Truthfully it was intended as a quick recap in light of the recent ethics complaint filed against her for the use of her discretionary funds on a newsletter. I wanted to keep the content flowing on El Paso News to ensure readers get new content as they visit.

We are trying to get the El Paso News to start gaining traction so that it becomes useful to everyone. As they say content is king. As we continue to ramp up authors I wanted to ensure that the content is refreshed regularly so that readers do not get bored. Bored readers kills content providers.

My post was not intended as a blockbuster, but it took off. I quickly started to field calls and emails, some from the news media, asking if I had proof to the items I had posted or if I could back them up.

I did and I can.

Then I saw the post track across Facebook.

I was pleasantly surprised. I also noted that our plan for El Paso News is even more important is there seems to be a news void in El Paso.

But that was not everything.

Donald Trump Is Impeached

Unless you are living under a rock, then you know Donald Trump has been impeached. This is a fact, but the spinmeisters over in Trump world have been busy spinning the idea that Donald Trump has not been impeached because the House of Representatives had not yet transferred the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

That is not true, but the truth has never stopped the Trump supporters from spinning. Regardless, yesterday the House of Representatives appointed the managers, aka prosecutors that will prosecute the case against Donald J. Trump before the Senate.

Among the managers is the former police chief of Orlando. Guess who is not a manager. That would be the representative from El Paso – Veronica Escobar. What it means, I am not sure, but now that I live in Orlando I feel good that my representative will help prosecute Donald J. Trump.

That would never had happened in El Paso!

Also, the impeachment articles were officially received by the Senate.

Donald J. Trump will forever be impeached.

The plan at this point is to have the House Managers present the articles at the Senate starting at noon, Eastern time. By 2:00 p.m. the Senate is supposed to summon the Chief Justice to swear in the Senators and oversee the trial of Donald J. Trump.

The actual trial is expected to start on Tuesday.

But here is the important thing. As the Articles of Impeachment languished on the desk of Nancy Pelosi, new and important information has come out. Not only is there the possibility that first-hand testimony be made available if John Bolton testifies truthfully and completely, but new information also became public.

Even without Bolton, there is new evidence that directly ties Donald Trump to the fundamental issue that drive the impeachment articles against Trump. The evidence demonstrates that Donald Trump was directly involved in the Ukraine/Biden issue.

Jaime Abeytia

Ok, this one is not really important to most but it puts a smile on my face because Jaime Abeytia has hurt so many people acting as the attack dog for Veronica Escobar, Vince Perez and Claudia Ordaz.

Ali Razavi was kind enough to sell me the two domains for Abeytia’s blog.

So I did what I should not, but hey, sometimes I just do things because I can be childish or just because I feel like it.

So, if you want to have some fun: type in these two domains (or just click on them) on your browser:



Told you, Jaime Abeytia, Donald J. Trump and Claudia Ordaz all ended it up in one blog because yesterday was a crazy day.

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