There are some that argue that Donald Trump’s rhetoric about immigrants is simply a call to protect the country from outside dangers. They’ll argue that Trump is not a racist. When Donald Trump came to El Paso to unite the country against the murder of Hispanics at the hands of a domestic terrorist it was Dee Margo, the El Paso mayor, that was first to cuddle up to Trump.

Dee Margo is a Republican. There is no doubt about that. Dee Margo has mostly kept neutral about Donald Trump even when Donald Trump attacks immigrants. Margo’s only public opposition to Trump has been to gently attempt to correct Trump when it comes to the wall’s part in keeping El Paso safe. As Margo and many other officials have argued, El Paso was safe before the wall was built in the city.

The wall contributed little in keeping the city safe.

When Donald Trump announced he was going to El Paso, most city officials called for Trump not to visit the city in mourning. He was not welcome they said.

Not Dee Margo. Margo told everyone that it was his duty to welcome Trump to the city. Margo even argued that he was ready for the onslaught of emails he was sure to get.

Dee Margo welcomed Donald Trump to El Paso only to be insulted by Trump. Margo’s crime? Dee Margo told PBS’ “Frontline” that Trump called him a “RINO,” after Margo attempted to correct Trump about the misinformation Trump has been peddling about El Paso crime statistics. A “RINO” is a pejorative nickname leveled at Republicans who are deemed to be “Republican in Name Only.”

The reason that Trump labeled Dee Margo a “RINO” is because Dee Margo refuses to endorse the idea that The Wall would protect the country.

The Wall is not for protecting the country against external dangers. This is proven every time facts show that The Wall would not have stopped the massacre of Latinos in El Paso, or the recent other ones across the country. It was proven also when México deported a U.S. citizen jihadist back the U.S.

The Wall, in the Trump mindset is to keep Mexicans out.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...