As you likely know Donald Trump issued an order to immigration officials to look at the economic status of incoming immigrants. Some readers may be thinking that this is a good thing, after all no taxpayer wants to be burden from those that do not contribute to the tax base. Some may be rejoicing in that, finally, an administration is stopping immigrants from taking advantage of the system. But not all is what it looks like.

Trump’s order is about stopping most immigrants from coming to the county. There are two types of immigrants, economic and refugee/asylum seekers. The refugees and asylum-seekers are obviously fleeing dangerous situations. They are looking for a haven.

But the dirty little secret no one wants to talk about is that the country’s economic engine hums along because of immigrants. These are the economic immigrants, most of the immigrants who seek entry into the country. These are the job seekers.

The country’s immigration system is designed to wink-wink at those who blame immigrants for job losses and depressed wages while looking the other way as immigrants fill the job ranks. Those that do not believe this reality just need to look at the recent raids in Mississippi. The immigrants were targeted but note how the owners who hire them walked away.

If the United States really wanted to stop immigrants from coming to the country, they would simply jail those who hire them.

But that doesn’t happen because it is a scam the government plays, pretend to regulate immigration while tacitly allowing them access to the labor market.

What Donald Trump’s order does is to make it look like he is doing something about immigration.

He is telling everyone that he is going to enforce the “benefits” laws to keep immigrants away. Trump is telling everyone that the problem is abusive immigrants that take from the country and provide nothing in return.

He throws in the cultural and demographics, i.e. language & education for good measure.

What Donald Trump is not telling anyone – remember that he hires undocumented workers – is that it is all a show, and a way to keep immigrants in the shadows.

Most of the targeted immigrants have no pathway to citizenship. Most of the targeted immigrants live in the shadows. Whether their children – U.S. citizens – partake of the country’s benefits is immaterial because it doesn’t matter how many hoops an immigrant jumps through, the dirty little secret is that they have very little opportunity to become legal.

The country needs an immigrant labor force, especially one that works in the shadows to keep the economy humming along.

Trump’s order just makes it clear, forget about becoming legal. The recent raids also sends an unmistakable signal to the immigrant community. Keep working in the shadows so that I can use the economy as my weapon for reelection.

If Donald Trump really wanted to stop immigrants he would go after those the hire them. But he won’t because that would mean he would have to put himself in jail, as well, for the number of undocumented immigrants he himself put to work on his own projects.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

2 replies on “Trump Exposes Dirty Secret About Immigration”

  1. The refugees and asylum-seekers are obviously fleeing dangerous situations. They are looking for a haven.
    That would be the next safe country – Mexico – that is not in revolution. Otherwise, you are correct. There is this game we play. The Dems hope to have a POTUS who will issue naturalization by decree like, I think, Reagan did. Presto Chango 20 million new democrats and the end of the Republic as millions more will demand secession rather than permanent one party rule.

    Then there are the GOP who love that cheap, docile non-union labor for their ag and construction businesses. Either way, America is fucked.

    BTW, Martin, you stated that Trump hires illegals. Got a source for that?

    1. Jerry,

      Here are several links. I tried to choose from different sources to avoid the argument of bias.–bad-people-undocumented-workers-say-trump-hired-them

      You can also Google and find many other examples.

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