America, you have a problem, and it’s not on the border. Your problem, America, is Donald Trump. Here is why. Three things came out this weekend that conclusively proves Donald Trump is America’s problem. Forget the Emergency Declaration, everyone knows it is just a power grab.

Mike Pence

During the Munich annual security conference on Saturday, European leaders made it clear that Donald Trump is America’s problem. Pence is used to delivering speeches and understands the effectiveness of delivering one-liners designed to elicit crowd appreciation. Professional speeches have built in pauses for the applause.

But Pence wasn’t met with appreciative applause from those in attendance at the Munich security conference. When he paused for the expected applause from the crowd, after telling them that he brought greetings from Donald Trump to them, there was silence.

Mike Pence had to endure a long-pregnant pause in silence as the crowd made it clear that the problem America is not the border, but Mike Pence’s boss – Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump

Also, at the Munich conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her position on Donald Trump very clear. Merkel told the audience that Trump would rather help dangerous regimes – like Iran and Russia – rather than reinforce traditional global alliances.

Merkel said that the U.S.-led global order “has collapsed into many tiny parts.” For her comments, the German chancellor received a prolonged standing ovation by the conference audience. In contrast, Ivanka Trump sat “stone-faced” in the crowd.

Think about that for a moment.

It is bad enough that U.S. government officials, either elected, like Mike Pence, or long-time bureaucrats, must sit by and watch their boss get ridiculed, and another thing to have a daughter sit and watch her father made fun of by world leaders.

Ivanka Trump, who is media savvy and understands media optics heard world leaders make fun of her father. The world leaders didn’t come to her father’s defense and instead chose to confirm that Donald Trump is America’s problem by their standing ovation of Merkel.

Peace Prize

Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Apparently this is because of Trump’s overtures to resolve the problem with North Korea. That much we know. Abe won’t confirm but has not denied making the nomination under some rule that keeps the nomination secret for 50 years.

However, with Donald Trump nothing is what it seems.

Did Shinzo Abe nominate Trump for the Peace Prize because he believed Trump deserved it? Or, did Abe place the nomination at the request of Trump?

There are news reports reporting that Shinzo Abe nominated Donald Trump for the prize because Trump’s White House asked him to do it. We don’t know the facts yet, but the fact that not many people are surprised that it is likely that Trump asked for the award further proves that America’s problem is not the border, but Donald Trump.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. “The world leaders didn’t come to her father’s defense and instead chose to confirm that Donald Trump is America’s problem…”
    Right, until the krauts start goose-stepping again over France, Italy and the Visograd countries to enforce their version of the EU. Then they’ll want America to be their savior for the 3rd time in a century and they know Trump will tell Europe where to stick it – in Merkel’s saggy ass.

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