There is something very important that everyone is missing in the debate over The Wall aka the border fence in El Paso. I’m actually pretty surprised that no one else has thought about this. It clearly ends the debate over walls keeping America safe from drugs.

When Donald Trump argued that the border fence (The Wall in Trump-parlance) lowered the crime rate from one of the worst crime cities in the nation to one of the lowest, everyone jumped in to correct him. Yes, the border fence aka The Wall has little to do with El Paso crime.

For his part, Donald Trump has evolved his argument from needing the wall to keep undocumented people out to, to saving Americans from terrorists to keeping America safe from the scourge of the drugs. In Trump’s eyes, The Wall will keep drugs off American streets.

Never mind that Chapo’s trial bolstered the facts that drugs do not enter American streets from places where there is no border barrier, but rather through the ports of entry or via tunnels under the border. Those are just inconvenient facts for Trump. The crime statistics don’t fit into Trump’s agenda, so he ignores them.

But in his quest to evolve the rhetoric about the need for The Wall and El Paso’s place in the debate, Donald Trump has unwittingly delivered the proof that The Wall will do nothing to stop drugs.

Trump argued that the border fence – also known as The Wall in Trump’s mind – has kept El Paso safe, while Cd. Juárez violence makes it one of the most dangerous cities anywhere.

Aha! Trump thinks he’s got everyone, after all who would argue that El Paso’s crime is much, much lower than Cd. Juárez’ crime.

Therein lies the proof.

The violence in Juárez has being traced conclusively to the turf war between several warring drug cartels fighting for control of the lucrative drug route from México into the United States. Knowing that the El Paso border fence was started in 2008 and Trump touting it as protecting El Pasoans from the crime scourge of Juárez; than why are the cartels fighting over the drug route into America?

If, the El Paso border fence, aka The Wall protects America from drugs, then why are drug cartels killing people for a piece of land that supposedly keeps the drugs out by virtue of the border fence, also named The Wall by Trump?

If the El Paso border fence keeps drugs off the street than there would be no violence in Juárez.

In other words, Donald Trump’s own argument about keeping drugs out of America, as proven by El Paso barrier, proves that Donald Trump is wrong.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...