Donald Trump is demanding wall funding at the expense of federal workers. America is shutdown because the American people (see yesterday’s post) do not want to fund the wall that Trump is demanding. Trump apologists will argue that the country is not shutdown, only a part of it. But here is the uncomfortable truth.

The part of the country that is currently shutdown is the very part of the country that Donald Trump argues is the reason for the wall – border security. That’s right, the part of the government that secures the country is the one that has workers working without a paycheck. In other words workers being forced to work for free is slavery.

Currently, the agencies responsible for border security – Border Patrol, DHS and Coast Guard – are working for free. But the problem doesn’t end there. The workers may work for free, but funding for the needed ancillary services aren’t there. Consider the money needed to repair important security devices at the border. There is no money for repairs. What about immigration judges? Donald Trump has argued that no migrant caravan member will enter the United States. But the fact show that hundreds have legally entered the country already. Just look at hundreds of immigrants dropped off at the bus station in El Paso during the holidays.

They were dropped off by immigration officials in the country, making them legal immigrants.

But now with the shutdown, the judges needed to make immigration determinations are not working. American and international laws have specific time requirements to process undocumented immigrants through the legal system.

Without immigration judges, what do you think happens to the undocumented immigrants caught on the border by the federal official working for free?

They can’t be legally deported unless they volunteer to be deported. Over time, legal requirements or overwhelmed holding centers will force the Trump Administration to release the undocumented immigrant into the country.

Since they are released by federal officials, they now become legal immigrants, even if it is for a limited time.

While Trump is holding American hostage for “border security,” the immigrants are gaming the system.

Let that sink in.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “Wall Funding Hypocrisy and Immigrants Gaming the System”

  1. Keep in mind that the obstructionists that are blocking the wall previously voted FOR the wall. They just can’t give Trump a win or it might re-elect the MF-er!

  2. The wall is also needed to protect the USA from a soon-to-be Mexico in chaos, a North American version of Syria. I just hope they can relocate the Pink Store to Columbus before that or issue special visas to its fans like me so we can still enjoy Yvonne’s margaritas.

  3. We need a wall or a fence, including ports which can be controlled. We also need a foreign worker program. The fence in El Paso has allowed the Border Patrol to be more effective. Prior to Sector Chief Silvestre Reyes west EP was plagued by illegals robbing homes.

    My home was hit several times.

    Once the robber was going to use a kitchen knife to kill our dog when my wife interrupted the robber.

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