Donald Trump and his enabler Republicans are trying to use the migrant caravan as the issue before American voters. Immigration is an issue that needs to be addressed by America, but not on falsehoods. The immigration issue should be focused on whether the caravan immigrants are “economic immigrants,” i.e. those looking to immigrate for economic reasons, or refugees, those fleeing violence or human rights violations. The distinction is important because different laws and national needs apply to the two different groups.

More important is that the migrant caravan is not a national threat to America, regardless of what conditions are applied to them. There is no proof that any of the immigrants in the caravan pose a terrorist threat to Americans and thus they are not a national threat.

But, for Trump and cohorts, the “national threat” label is important because fear mongering drives voters to the polls.

Unfortunately, the truth does not matter to the fear mongers.

The fact is that none of the mass murders or terror-based crime since 9/11 have been committed by undocumented immigrants or through the U.S.-México border.

As a matter of fact, last week was a very deadly week for Americans. In total, 14 Americans were murdered, two Blacks and the rest worshiping at a synagogue. Additionally, Americans across the nation, especially those vocally opposed to Donald Trump were terrorized with pipe-bombs. Two former presidents were among those that were terrorized. In total, 11 pipe-bombs were mailed to targets.

The important thing is that none of the three perpetrators in last week’s violence were from south of the border, or immigrants.

All were U.S. born and raised American citizens.

They are:

1. Cesar Sayoc, the pipe-bomber: born in Brooklyn, a registered Republican and a white supremacist. Starting on Monday, October 22, 2018 through his arrest on Friday, October 26, 2018, Sayoc sent 13 pipe bombs to prominent anti-Trump officials.

2. Gregory Bush on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, killed two Black individuals in Kroger store. The crime is being treated as a “hate crime” by officials.

3. Robert Bowers: On Saturday, October 27, 2018, Bowers allegedly killed 11 individuals worshiping in a synagogue. He was an active member of a white supremacist social media site and a fervent anti-immigrant. Bowers blamed his victims for the immigrant caravan making its way through México.

As you can clearly see, none of these individuals are from south of the border or immigrants.

Stop demonizing the immigrants in the caravan as a danger to America.

If you want to discuss, immigration, do so on facts and not on the lies of a threat to America.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Hey hombre, where in heavens name are you going to put all these mojados in you house. Making tacos and having babies is going to help make America Great again. Trump needs to put 10,000 troops on the border. If someone tried break into my house I would shoot first and ask questions much later.
    I refuse to let anyone into my refrigerator, have anyone insist for my taxes to be used to feed, educate, provide welfare or shit on my lawn.
    The Catholic church is now going to be investigated for letting alter boys be raped
    right after receiving communion form a priest. Well this is the same garbage the Democrats are trying to pull on the US, Americans [content deleted by Martin Paredes on 29oct18 @ 07:05 for language] sallow the outcome and be saved.

  2. Yale recently estimated there are 22M undocumented migrants in the US. The danger they represent is to our political system and our traditional “melting pot” culture of assimilation. We’ve done enough for migrants for a while but i don’t think that Trump will be able to stop this march. The issue is too important to leave to the Democrats who encourage non-assimlation and are drooling at the idea of millions of new voters for their welfare plantation.

  3. Now it’s caravan from the south and not terrorist/s in the mouths of those who use fear for their political/money raking agendas.

    The trompas-inspired, the trompas-wired hear his message loud and clear and react with rampage. The militias are out again to “protect” the southern border. One could say that the trompatista terrorists are on the march, on the rampage.

    The Republicans will always circle the wagons around their leader because he’s giving them what they’ve always wanted and then some.

    Y el Twitter? Was it too busy censuring honest discussion?

    Below is a quote from a former skinhead in the article “Trump-stochastic-terror-and-the-hate-that-ends-in-violence” by Heather Timmons in Quartz.

    “The greatest terror threat we face as a nation is already within our borders, yet we refuse to even call it terrorism when it happens.”

  4. That caravan coming probably just caused the peso to devalue. It’s 20 to 1. If Mexico doesn’t take charge one of the major border city’s bridges will be closed when the caravan gets there. Mexico government wont do anything because the cartels wont let them. as usual the cartel’s see this as a way to use these individuals to cross dope or be a diversion. Again, more people are killed in Juarez in a month or less than anything you described above. How about making Mexico great again and go back Martin. Leave your safe nest in Florida and go change things in Mexico.

  5. Martin you have taken on the catholic church, every entity in the El Paso’s corrupt government.
    But when Trump craps on any thing MEXICAN …. you push for O’Rourke … even though you know he’s lower than whale CACA. Your CALSONES are stained with a BROWN SPOT AND A EMBROIDERED MEXICAN FLAG!

    GET A LIFE!!!!! —those frijoles are bloating your brain.

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